CG-4 CO2 Generator

CG-4 CO2 Generator

Product Code: CG-4
Price: £299.95 Ex Tax: £249.96

CG-4 CO2 Generator 4-BURNER

Trolmaster Co2 devices are reliable, easy to use and great value.

They have a range of Co2 generators to suit all needs which can be controlled using the plug and play Beta-8 controller or Hydro-X.

  • Solid-State Ignition
  • Dual-Redundant Solenoid Valves
  • Tip-Over Shutdown Switch
  • Flame Detection
  • Works with liquid propane or natural gas

Max Area (Cu Ft):     4000

BTU Rating:

9,052 for LP-Normal Altitude, 7,152 for LP-High Altitude

11,068 for NG-Normal Altitude, 9,820 for NG-High Altitude