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CarboAir™ 50 Filter kits with RVK fan

CarboAir™ 50 Filter kits with RVK fan
CarboAir™ 50 Filter kits with RVK fan
CarboAir™ 50 Filter kits with RVK fan
CarboAir™ 50 Filter kits with RVK fan
CarboAir™ 50 Filter kits with RVK fan
CarboAir™ 50 Filter kits with RVK fan
CarboAir™ 50 Filter kits with RVK fan
CarboAir™ 50 Filter kits with RVK fan
CarboAir™ 50 Filter kits with RVK fan
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  • Model: CarboAir™ Filter kits/RVK fan
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CarboAir™ 50 Filter kits with RVK fan

All our CarboAir filter kits are supplied with 5 metre of Combi-ducting, 3 quick clips of the size kit you require.

CarboAir™ 50 has been developed to filter VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) from smaller grow room environments.CarboAir™ 50 has a 50mm bed of virgin activated granular carbon. It is the best filter for normal use in smaller grow rooms. A 50mm bed of carbon is perfect for smaller grow rooms. It offers excellent filtration of air without compromising air flow.

  • Removes even the strongest odours
  • 55% open mesh
  • Hanging bracket
  • Laboratory tested
  • Handmade and sealed in Europe
  • Comes with a machine washable pre-filter
  • 18 month guarantee


The virgin carbon is activated at temperatures above 1000°C in a humid environment. The process opens the pores of the carbon to give it incredibly high absorption properties of organic particles and other airborne pollutants. The carbon is produced to very high standards in Europe, unlike Chinese filters which often contain cheaper blends and risk water contamination during shipping. Being produced in the EU enables better quality control. The carbon is produced to EN12915 which means it is pure enough to be used in food and drink applications.

The size and depth of the CarboAir™ filter has been specially designed to provide the correct contact between the contaminated air and carbon.The carbon is double sieved to remove any dust particles which would restrict air flow. Each CarboAir™ filter is guaranteed to a minimum of 18 months because the carbon is pure. All filters are batch tested at source to make sure it passes high quality requirements.


CarboAir™ use an industrial galvanised steel filter casing, Using the highest quality materials enabled it to use the finest mesh. The filter mesh is 55.5% open for the best un-restricted air flow through the filter. Carboair™ filters have better flow rates, enabling them to utilise a thicker carbon bed compared to competitors. The top and bottom flanges are preformed. The carbon is packed into the casing and then placed onto vibration plates which results in a higher quantity of carbon in the housing without crushing the carbon granules also resulting in no air pockets allowing VOCs to pass through un-filtered.

A high density foam collar is placed onto the carbon bed before a top plate is added on top of the foam collar. This is then machine compressed, reducing the foam collar to less than 5mm thick. This unique process ensures the carbon will not move as it has no where to move to!. The top flange is then fitted, retaining the carbon further. The whole process is carried out by hand and visually inspected during each stage. The carbon filters are then seal packed/boxed air tight to ensure no moisture absorption through out transport and storage guaranteeing you receive the best quality filter every time.

Systemair RVK fans

This German made extraction fan is low wattage with high output and is designed to handle both low air volume hobby use and high air volume commercial use. The RVK fan can be run constantly without any problems. RVK extraction motor is very quiet. If the noise from the airflow is a problem - purchase one of our silencers and place at one end with a carbon filter on the other end. The RVK fan is speed controllable when used with a Fan Speed Controller. The fan can be installed in any position and is maintenance free and reliable. It is manufactured from fibreglass reinforced plastic. The RVK fan brackets (supplied in a box) allow for easy installation to the floor as well as the wall or ceiling.


 Fan Ratings;                                                                 CarboAir™ filter and Ratings;

RVK Sileo 100E2 Fan - 175m³/hr                                                 CA50-100x330 -410m³/hr    

RVK Sileo 125E2 Fan - 225m³/hr                                                 CA50-125x330 -480m³/hr                    

RVK Sileo 150E2 Fan - 420m³/hr                                                 CA50-150x330 -600m³/hr    

RVK Sileo 200E2 Fan - 750m³/hr                                                 CA50-200x500 -1000m³/hr    

RVK Sileo 250E2 Fan - 760m³/hr                                                 CA50-250x500 -1200m³/hr    

RVK Sileo 315E2 Fan - 1300m³/hr                                                CA50-315x660 -2100m³/hr  


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