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The Baseline Run-Off Trays and Systems were developed for growers who want to remove the nutrient run-off following feeding. By removing the residual solution,the plants roots are never sat in water reducing the chance of problems for you plants.
The trays and systems are suitable for both hand waterers and drip irrigation and the trays are connected together using 25mm/ 1” fittings and pipe and then to a pump housing. Once the run-off reaches a set level, a pump is activated and removes the excess nutrients either to waste or back to a header tank for recirculating.


              Internal size          External size

SMALL   33cm x 28cm         42cm x 37cm

LARGE  43cm x 38cm         52cm x 47cm

Features of the Baseline Run-Off Trays and Systems

  • Central drainage point for extra strength and support
  • Multiple pipe access holes for easy configuration
  • Modular and scalable to suit any area
  • Dripper pipe locator grooves in the top to ensure any drips fall inside the tray
  • Made from high impact – high quality material
  • All flat surfaces for connecting fittings securely
  • High walled trays to prevent accidental overflowing
  • Maximised flat surface for supporting any pot type

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