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Mills Start-R This complex bio-stimulant nutrient additive is aimed for use during the seeding, growth and early bloom phases of your plants. START –R is made up of a highly available form of nitrogen and our unique combination of Bio-Stimulants, acting as a root stimulator while also enhancing p..
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MILLS BASIS A&B This is a highly concentrated Bio-Mineral base nutrient designed to bring and maintain optimal nutrition, not only in the vegetative state, but also in the blooming stages of plants. This works for any kind of plant, so it’s a good, handy nutrient that every grower should have..
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MILLS C4 This product consists of a sophisticated blend of both macro and micronutrients, bio-stimulants, carbohydrates and trace minerals that focus on guaranteeing the grower heavier yields while also enhancing the quality of the plants. Due to the potent Bio-Stimulants in C4, the plant produce..
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DNA MILLS ULTIMATE COCO WITH CORK - 50 LITRE   The ULTIMATE COCO & CORK ensures ultimate water management and is an airy substrate. This will allow the crop to build an optimal root structure. It does require additional food during the entire cycle, however. Cork is not only good for the..
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MILLS ULTIMATE PK  This powerful heavy weight bloom booster is designed to be used in the last two to four weeks of the flowering stage. The superior composition of ULTIMATE PK has been established through research and repeated field testing so that our experts would make sure that this will..
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MILLS VITALIZE It’s the most abundant element in the earth’s crust and of vital importance to all life on the planet. Everyone needs silicon. Both man, animal and plants grow stronger from it and are better equipped to fight diseases and bacteria. Despite these facts, the element is not used much..
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