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MONKEY NUTRIENTS PK 14/15   The last flowering piece of the monkey puzzle.   Monkey Nutrients PK 14/15 concentrated ratio of Phosphorus and Potassium is as essential to yield density and quality as any element needed for plant growth.  Allowing your plant access ..
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MONKEY NUTRIENTS BLOOM A+B   The Monkey’s Bloom A+B follows on perfectly from the vegetative phase to the flowering period. Minimising stress and increasing nutrient uptake, it gets your plants ready for maximum flower and fruit formation.    Made by growers, Monkey knows ..
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MONKEY NUTRIENTS GROW A+B   The Monkey’s grow A+B has the seventeen essential nutrients needed for your plants to get the best possible start, composed to increase active nutrient uptake and in the ratios that plants require for the healthiest growth during the early development stages. ..
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MONKEY NUTRIENTS - MONKEY BOOST   A true plant metabolism stimulator. No nutrients, just pure plant extracts.   Designed to increase your plant’s ability to produce a large amount of flower sites and dramatically improves final post-harvest weight. It is a truly unique..
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MONKEY NUTRIENTS ROOT SHOOT   Happy and healthy root systems are the key to increasing crop yields, quality and flavour. Monkey Nutrients - Root Shoot enhances and accelerates root growth allowing this to happen. It is a Natural product that is 100% derived from unique plant extracts that..
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MONKEY NUTRIENTS STRESS   Your shield against all things that can harm your plants.    The silicic acid with added folic acid gives your plants the armour needed to defend itself from attacks, and the ability to heal itself should any pest or disease manage to attack. ..
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MONKEY NUTRIENTS - MONKEY MAGIC   A synthetic cocktail of compounds used in ornamental plants to rapidly increase blooms, yields and density of your flowers for a truly show-worthy end product.    Monkey Magic allows your plant to put its energy into increasing the nu..
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