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SANlight -LED

SANlight H-distribution block
SANlight H-distribution blockH-distribution block, suitable for Q-series Gen2 and EVO-series.The H-distributor is required to connect several EVO-Series or Q-series luminaires in series and operate them from one socket...
Ex Tax:£9.99
SANlight Extension cable 1m angled
SANlight Extension cable 1m angledExtension cable with angled socket – 1m. Suitable for EVO-Series and Q-Series gen2..
Ex Tax:£16.63
SANlight Power cord angled UK
SANlight Power cord angled UKPower cord EVO-Series & Q-Series Gen2 angled/UK..
Ex Tax:£16.63
M-Dimmer SANlight EVO-Series
M-Dimmer SANlight EVO-SeriesM dimmer for the EVO series.Attention: does not fit for Q series.One magnetic dimmer is required for each luminaire that is to be dimmed...
Ex Tax:£19.99
Bluetooth Dimmer SANlight EVO-Series
Bluetooth Dimmer for SANlight EVO-SeriesBluetooth dimmer suitable for the EVO-Series.Attention: does not fit the Q-Series Gen2.For each luminaire, which should be dimmed, is one bluetooth dimmer required. Each luminaire of the EVO-Series that is equipped with the dimmer, can be dimmed betw..
Ex Tax:£34.99
SANlight EVO 4
SANlight EVO 4Highly efficient LED plant exposure system for indoor applications.EVO 4-80The EVO 4-80 was developed for planting areas with a depth of 80cm and is the luminaire of choice if you really want to achieve the highest lighting intensities on floor areas of at least 80x80cm. For the smooth..
Ex Tax:£333.29
SANlight Q4W 165W GEN2   Highly efficient LED grow light for grow tents Developed from all the experience gathered by SANlight in recent years, the Q4W light combines all the benefits SANlight has come to offer with new features that make it more convenient and future-proof. The ..
Ex Tax:£341.63
SANlight EVO 5
SANlight EVO 5Highly efficient LED plant exposure system for indoor applications.EVO 5-100The EVO 5-100 has been specially developed for high, open spaces and is clearly designed for professional plant breeding and not for the home user. Due to the power of 870μmol/s at 320W, this luminaire generate..
Ex Tax:£388.29
SANlight Q6W -LED 245W GEN-2 The breeding of fruit-forming short-day plants indoors without daylight, in particular requires high light intensities (PPFD). The broadband light spectrum of the Q6W not only promotes the maximum photosynthesis rate, but also helps the plant regulate its hormone..
Ex Tax:£458.29
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