Secret Jardin TLED -26w Blue Led Light

Secret Jardin TLED -26w Blue Led Light

Brand: Secret Jardin
Product Code: Secret Jardin TLED -blue Led Lights
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Secret Jardin TLED - 26W LED Grow Lights - Blue 

The new 26w TLED by Secret Jardin are specifically designed for use in grow tents and come in 2 variations, one for growing (Blue Spectrum 6500K) 

The TLED 6500° Growing is for the vegetative phase of the plants.

For the electrical consumption, 26w, these lights produce a very good level of light without adding much heat.

Each TLED is ready to use out of the box, equipped with a 1.8m length mains cable and 3 pin plug.

Hanging hooks are also included offering 3 options for hanging. Vertical hanging directly from tent poles (up to 21mm), Vertical hanging from tent poles (up to 19mm) or simply connect to your Ratchet Hangers (not included)


Secret Jardin TLED - 6500k - Growing:

Power Per Watt - 80 lu / Watts

Power Total - 2050 Lumens

PAR - > 80%

Color Temperature - 144 leds 6500°K

Secret Jardin TLED Dimensions:

L x W x H - 540 x 40 x 30 mm

Weight Net - 360 gr

Cable Length - 180 cm

Secret Jardin TLED Electrical details:

Voltage - 220-240 Volts

Frequency - 50 hz

Consumption - 6 Watts

Led Power - 0.18 Watts

Led Angle - 120°

MTBF - 30000 hours


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