canna terra professional 50ltr

canna terra professional 50ltr

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Canna terra professional 50ltr

CANNA’s products for cultivating in peat based potting mixes are called CANNA Terra. CANNA Terra can be used for cultivating in both pots & open potting mixes, indoor & outdoor. The biggest advantages of growing in potting mixes are its ease of use and the tolerant nature of this medium, as a result of which small deviations in the feeding given do not have to have serious consequences for the yield. However, one disadvantage is that different types of potting mixes retain different nutritional elements which make precise control of the nutrient dosage difficult. Even though TERRA nutrients have been developed to overcome dosage problems and give good results with every type of potting mix, CANNA has a special range of potting mixes: CANNA Terra Professional, CANNA Terra Professional Plus and Terra Seedmix, which make the most of the Terra nutrients. These potting mixes are made up of exclusive, high grade, organic ingredients such as airy peat moss and types of bark that have a characteristic antiseptic action.   A Full customised feeding schedule available HERE

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