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 We offer the following shipping options to the mainland UK. If you live outside mainland UK please call us on +44 (0)1142 280024.

Free delivery on orders over £50 and below 25kg to UK Mainland only, orders over 25kg will incur a surcharge.

All packages are shipped in plain, discrete packaging. Absolutely NO information is passed to third parties.

Please note that next day delivery only applies if you order before 1PM Monday to Thursday.

Our UK delivery zones: In the UK we have 4 zones. Prices and parcel delivery times vary by zone.

Parcels over 25kg with DHL PARCEL UK or FEDEX  are £6.75 and an extra 25p per 1kg thereafter.

* Maximum of 25kg total order size. Some large items may incur an additional delivery Fee. Free Delivery is sent via 1/2 day service.

Free we use DHL or FEDEX services 

  • Pre-delivery notification (by text or email)
  • Confirmation of delivery (by text or email)

  We use both services depending on size of parcel       

Delivery service options Zone A Zone A+ Zone B Zone B+
Up to 15 kilos per parcel Over 15 kilos - add per kilo Up to 15 kilos per parcel  Over 15 kilos - add per kilo
Free delivery up to 15 kilos (over £50) 1-2 day service 0 0 0 0
Next working day (per parcel) 6.75 25p £6.75 25p
Next working day am 10.25 25p £10.25 25p
Next working day by 9:00am 15.75 25p £15.75 25p
Saturday 13.75 25p £13.75 25p
Saturday by 9:00am 21.75 25p £21.75 25p


Delivery service options Zone C Zone C+ Zone D Zone D+
Up to 15 kilos per parcel Over 15 kilos - add per kilo Up to 15 kilos per parcel Over 15 kilos - add per kilo
Free delivery up to 15 kilos (over £50) 2 to 3 day service 0 0 0 0
Next working day (per parcel) £13.75 75p £15.75 90p
Next working day am £17.25 75p £19.25 90p
Next working day by 9:00am £22.75 75p No service available No service available
Saturday £20.75 75p 22.75 90p
Saturday by 9:00am £28.75 75p No service available No service available

Tracking your consignments 

Our deliveries are handled by Parcelforce or DHL PARCEL UK depending on the weight and location.You are able to track your parcels by using your consignment number or customer reference and postcode. If using a reference number to search, please also insert the delivery postcode.​ You will receive an email on the day for dispatch confirming your order and tracking number, with DHL PARCEL UK option you can select a delivery window or change the day of delivery by clicking the link below and manage my delivery option.

Have a DHL PARCEL UK tracking code then Click here to track your parcel.

Have a Fedex tracking code then Click here to track parcel.


One hour delivery ETA with UK Mail

On the day of delivery a one hour delivery window will be emailed or text to the consignee, Please Note this can only be done if you have entered correct details.. The consignee can then opt to receive a ‘Your Next’ notification when the driver is 5-15 minutes away using the notification details you have provided when dispatching.

Note: The delivery time given is approximate and will depend on the local area, the route and traffic conditions.

      Other Services Available 

Isle of Wight & isles of Scilly £5.99 extra per consignment

Timed booked delivery £15.99 extra per consignment

Long bulky items £29.99 extra per consignment (1.4m x 0.8m 0r two persons needs to carry )

Please Checkout as European delivery and we will send you bespoke delivery surcharge by PayPal or preferred payment option as soon possible. For example Most mainland EU countries for a parcel upto 30kg and box 40cm x 40cm x 30cm would be as little as £18 on a three day service.

At the moment we ship to the following European countries:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Guernsey
  • Ireland (Northern and Republic of)
  • Italy
  • Jersey
  • Luxembourg
  • Monaco
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
  • Spain
  • Sweden

New changes to VAT to anywhere outside the UK

1.  The recipient pay any VAT and customs duties, this is called 'Delivery Duties Unpaid (DDU)'. What will happen is that when the parcel reaches the destination country, customs will reach out to the recipient to collect any applicable charges.  When the recipient has paid these charges, the parcel will be released by customs and delivered to the recipient.

2. The sender can choose to pay all costs required to bring their parcel into the destination country when booking the delivery service, this is called 'Delivery Duties Paid (DDP)'. In this option the recipient is required to do nothing and the parcel will get delivered directly to the recipient. 

With both options we will be in touch with you after you have checked out to confirm which option you would prefer.

Over the coming weeks, we will continue to keep you up to date on all the changes and requirements for sending parcels to Europe

International Shipping to other countries:

If you require an order to be sent to a country not on this list, or if you require a large order which would require multiple packages/pallet delivery, then we may be able to prepare a quote for you on a bespoke basis. Please email a list of what you require and where you would like it to be shipped to: . If possible, we will then prepare a quote for you along with the cost for shipping.

If you’re ordering a parcel outside of the European Union, it could incur customs charges. Customs charges are required to be paid by the Buyer before the parcel in question is permitted entry into the country it’s been sent to. Because customs charges are determined when the parcel arrives, it’s impossible for us to determine whether you’ll be charged and by how much in advance. Therefore, we advise any customers planning to buy from outside of the EU to set aside an allowance to serve as a buffer in the event your parcel does incur customs charges.