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Hussarya is the main distributor of specialized air systems on the European market. They operate in several branches of economic activity - Agriculture, horticulture their systems will help create a perfectly suitable climate conditions rooms ”closed loop rooms”, which the customer can fully control what is associated with perfect results.

Simplicity is at the heart of the Hussarya Silence Air Conditioner system, simple design and simple functionality. When space is at a premium SILENCE mode is ideally suited to meet your needs. Silence by name, silent by nature. For small scale hydroponics projects, look no further! For rooms with..
Ex Tax:£2,791.63
 The Hussarya BREEZE climate controlling system offers a wider level of flexibility compared with it’s smaller SILENCE sibling; still with its compact body it feels very similarly sized to the SILENCE model but instead is capable of producing a much greater cooling output. For rooms wit..
Ex Tax:£3,249.96
If the Hussarya Storm system was measured equivalent to the Beaufort wind scale, the STORM system would rate 6 against a maximum destruction scale of 12, sufficient for most grower's needs. The robust design of the indoor unit lends itself beautifully to peak performance time after time and has p..
Ex Tax:£3,999.96
With such compact dimensions, this particular characteristic makes our TYPHOON model amazing in terms of its output performance – only to be truly appreciated by the phenomenal result it is capable of delivering! For rooms with up to 18 x 600W grow lights this is the preferred choice. Specific..
Ex Tax:£4,996.63
For the professional and advanced grower. The name of HURRICANE is synonymous with its performance; so at a risk of getting blown away… hold on tight! Despite its large chassis size, its operating levels are still incredibly quiet thanks to its clever construction. For grow rooms containing up to..
Ex Tax:£7,499.95
The Hussarya Air Flow Cyclone Air Conditioner System is simply devastating (in the most positive of ways of course)! If absolute cooling is your thing, the CYCLONE system is the Mammoth of all taskmasters. Beyond 32 600W lamps; you need a bespoke system that matches your unique horticultural environ..
Ex Tax:£12,499.99
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