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CarboAir 75

CarboAir Carbon Filters - Europe's Premium Hydroponic Management System

The function of carbon filter kits is to absorb organic particles and other airborne materials produced by the plant during growth and blooming. The process involves the filtration and evacuation of organic particles and other airborne materials produced by the plant. Carboair carbon filters have been developed to filter VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) from smaller grow room environments and offer excellent filtration of air without compromising airflow. Hytec supplied CarboAir carbon filters come supplied with a CarboAir™ Filter, extractor fan (options), 5 meters of combi ducting and the three clips need to assemble the kit to the size you require.

Pure Activated Granular Carbon

The pure carbon is activated at temperatures above 1000°C in a humid environment. The process opens the pores of the carbon to give it incredibly high absorption properties of organic particles and other airborne pollutants. The carbon is produced to very high standards in Europe, unlike Chinese filters which often contain cheaper blends and risk water contamination during shipping. Being created in the EU enables better quality control. The carbon is produced to EN12915 which means it is pure enough to be used in food and drink applications.

  • Removes even the strongest odors
  • 55% open mesh
  • Hanging bracket
  • Laboratory tested
  • Handmade and sealed in Europe
  • Comes with a machine washable pre-filter
  • 18-month guarantee

Unique Filtration System Housing

CarboAir carbon filters use an industrial galvanized steel filter casing, Using the highest quality materials enabled it to use the finest mesh. The filter mesh is 55.5% open for the best-unrestricted airflow through the filter. Carboair carbon filters have better flow rates, enabling them to utilize a thicker carbon bed compared to competitors. The top and bottom flanges are pre-formed. The carbon is packed into the casing and then placed onto vibration plates which results in a higher quantity of carbon in the housing without crushing the carbon granules also resulting in no air pockets allowing VOCs to pass through unfiltered.

Hytec also supply a vast range of other styles and sizes from many suppliers to meet most needs! Throughout our site, you will find a selection of the best carbon filter kits on the market - including Phresh Carbon Filter KitsRam Air Carbon Filter Kits, and Mountain Air Carbon Filter Kits.

Reach Ideal Growing Climate With Grow Room Heaters, Revolution Silence EC Fans & Carbon Filter Kits

In addition to air renewal, ventilation is an essential parameter for the proper functioning of growing space. Air movement provided by fans such as revolution silence ec fansfacilitate the 0²/CO² exchange of stomata (= gain of liveliness), and expand plant structure (= production gain).

In order to boost plant growth and maximize production (+50% yield!), hydroponic cultivators use CO² injection to shorten the crop cycle and raise grow to ideal 1200ppm. This technique consists of releasing carbon dioxide into the culture chamber and utilizing carbon filter kits to open the pores of carbon to give it incredibly high organic absorption properties.

Through extraction/interaction and ventilation, the temperature of the culture chamber is controlled to a certain extent. For comprehensive management grow room heaters allow you to reach ideal levels of 23 °C (adequate range between 20 °C and 25 °C).

For more information or advice, please call 01142280024 or email us at

CarboAir™ 75 has been developed as we have found higher concentrations of VOCs in the exhaust air from medium an larger grow environments with stronger strains.CarboAir™ 75 has a deeper carbon bed of 60mm and a longer body. This provides a longer contact time between the air and carbon..
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