Green Power Commercial 16-Way Contactor Grow Light Controller

Green Power Commercial 16-Way Contactor Grow Light Controller

Brand: Green Power
Product Code: Green Power Commercial 16-Way
Price: £575.00 Ex Tax: £479.17

Green Power Commercial 16-Way Contactor Grow Light Controller 

The Green Power Commercial Contactor for controlling multiple banks of HID lights, 16 light version.

These units send power to your HID lighting ballast bank-by-bank, reducing the surge you get from HID lights on start up. Green Power commercial units use heavy duty contactors and delays which allow you to switch HID lighting on safely. Additional safety is provided by the world-renowned Grasslin timer which is powered by a quartz crystal back up and built-in trip fuses to provide extra protection against any power surges. From start up; banks of four lighting units ignite with a 20 second interval between each bank of four lights.

NOTE: These units need to be wired in by a qualified electrician.
The Green Power Commercial 16-way operating loads:

  • 16 x 250 watt light units
  • 16 x 400 watt light units
  • 16 x 600 watt light units
  • 9 x 1000 watt light units
  • Maximum power load: 9600 watts.

GreenPower Contactor - Lighting Control Units

Safely and effectively control the day and night cycles of up to 28 hydroponic grow lights with a British built Green Power lighting controller unit.
From 2 to 28 grow lights can be controlled from one of GreenPower's Lighting Controller units. 
These contactor units control the ‘on’ and ‘off’ times of your grow lights without wires trailing around the grow room and without the risk of your normal plug in timer burning out, which can be a serious fire risk!
GreePower Contactors are essential for growers needing to reliably automate their hydroponic grow lights 'day' and 'night' cycles because standard plug-in timers just cannot take the surge of electricity that HPS, HID and CMH hydroponic grow lights can produce.
GreenPower heavy duty relay contactor units safely and reliably switch on and off grow lighting ballasts (magnetic or digital) also fans, heaters, humidifiers, de-humidifiers even pumps 'on' and 'off' according to the schedule that you set on the contactor’s timer keeping you in full control of your plants photoperiods.
Each of the contactor’s sockets is individually switchable (on or off), giving you the ability to not have to run all the grow lights or other appliances all the time.
Every GreenPower Contactor is designed and built with complete safety and reliability fort the grower in mind…
• Built from strong steel
• Galvanised wall-mountable back plate which runs the whole width of the unit giving a strong wall fixing
• Heavy Duty thick rubberised cables = low risk of grow lights degradation or accidental puncturing or cutting 
• Built-in Grasslin timers the best timers in the business
• UK designed and built
• Full 2 year warranty for your peace of mind
The GreenPower contactors for 12 to 28 lights are even more robust.
These are mega heavy duty contactors which power up the ballasts bank-by-bank to avoid big surges on your wiring, they feature…
• Reliable Circuit breakers
• Time delays to protect ballasts in the event of power cuts
• Failsafe battery reserve in the timer.
Let’s see why you would use a Contactor?
Some plants need 12 hours of darkness every 24 hours to produce their flowers, so most indoor growers set up a timer to turn their grow lights on and off at specific times. The HPS and HiD grow lamps generate a large spike in electricity when switching on.
Without a contactor this electrical spike travels through the timer and is enough to cause a normal timer to burn-out, leaving the grow lights in the on or off position until you manually switch them, resulting in a reduced harvest.


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