ICE TUBE pipe 16MM by the MTR

ICE TUBE pipe 16MM by the MTR

Product Code: ICE TUBE pipe 16MM by the MTR
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ICE TUBE pipe 16MM by the metre

ICE TUBE is a simple but highly effective product manufactured from food grade polymers that helps your plants in many ways, due to the dual layer extrusion used in the manufacturing process which features a highly reflective outer core to reflect UV light, and a black inner core to prevent light transparency. Marginally cheaper standard black feed pipe absorbs and transfers UV light to heat which raises the feed soloution to tempeatures which are a breeding ground for pathegens such as pythium (root rot) not only this the dissolved oxygen content with your feed soloution drops rapidly! by using ICE TUBE the temperature of your feed soloution will be lower which will reduce pathegen risks and maintain higher levels of dissolved oxygen content meaning higher nutrient uptake and also less fall out from any feed and addatives you use. During the R&D stages we found that ICE TUBE can reduce the temperature of your soloution by 15%. Its a no brainer for us at Hytec, any system which uses pipe work benefits from the use of ICTUBE, so why not use it?  why gamble with the life of your plants??? check out the recorded graphs for the difference ICE TUBE makes to your plants against inferior cheap toxic black hose, it litterally could mean life or death for your plants in the hot summer months.

  • Reduces soloution temperature
  • Reduces potential of root disease
  • Maintains higher oxygen content
  • Reduces feed fall out
  • Helps stabalise EC and PH levels

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