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IWS Autodrain systems

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From the Latin "hydro" (water) and "ponos" (work) or "work by water", hydroponics is a revolution for indoor cultivation, synonymous with automated closed systems. With the IWS Dripper System, each pot is fed separately from the nutrient tank, via a dripper assembly which is connected to the brain. This system is used mainly as a run to waste system rather than a recycling system. When feeding with a dripper system, you should make sure that on each feed there is a 20% runoff allowing the medium to flush on every feed.

The selection of hydroponic grow systems available from Hytec Horticulture, including IWS Systems - "the choice for the connoisseur grower", allow cultivators to fully optimise oxygen levels within nutrient solutions and maintain consistent pH and EC levels. As a result, cultivated crops develop consistent liveliness and production levels throughout growth.

The plants grow in a pot filled with clay balls hanging over a tank full of nutrient solution. This solution is distributed drop by drop at the foot of each plant by tubes or rings. Once drained by the support, it is collected in the tank where it is re-oxygenated using an air pump. The solution and oxygen continually irrigate the healthy roots. It is then redistributed at the foot of the plant and so on. The most used supports are clay balls, rock wool, coconut fibre, chippings. These modular systems can be individual or interconnected, powered by a standard tank.

In fact, there is so much to choose from: the substrate, grow tanks, pipes and pots etc. Without forgetting the size of the systems so that they adapt perfectly to your culture box or parts. Hytec Hydroponics offers the biggest brands in the hydroponic market: AutoPot, Wilma, Amazon, IWS, NFT, Ebb & Flow, Quad & Octo Grow and Multiducts.

For more information on Grow Systems & Spares check out our Product Summary page. Additionally, to speak to a Hytec team member please call 01142280024 or email us at

The RTA Stand has been purposely designed for use with the Air-Pot and fabric pots. It allows the run off from the Air-Pot or fabric pot container to drain away conveniently and then be re circulated or run to waste. The RTA stand can be used individually or linked together to form a multi pot ..
Ex Tax:£6.25
Medusa Baseline Tray
The Baseline Run-Off Trays and Systems were developed for growers who want to remove the nutrient run-off following feeding. By removing the residual solution,the plants roots are never sat in water reducing the chance of problems for you plants. The trays and systems are suitable for both hand wat..
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Brand: IWS
IWS AutoDrain Stands are designed for any pot with a base no larger than 35cm, flat on top so pots sit straight, drainage has a slight tapper so no run off is left behind, designed with ridges to support drainage pipe and dripper supply tube.Space Autodrain stands according to your requiremen..
Ex Tax:£10.38
Brand: IWS
Roots in pots are starved of oxygen after every watering while they sit in the run-off in saucers. AutoDrain removes run-off fast which prevents rot, increases nutrient uptake and growth and reduces the risk of crop-destroying issues like Pythium.Upgrade to the AutoDrain pot system which include..
Ex Tax:£11.00
12 Outlet Dripper HeadConnects too 16mm flexi-pipe Comes with 12 black dripper stakes..
Ex Tax:£25.00
Brand: G.A.S
When using a segmental timer with a timed grow system the minimum feed can only be set to 15 minutes. When using the Imperium controller, a larger number of shorter feeds can be set, for example instead of 15 minutes 2x a day you can feed for 5 minutes 6x a day.The plants won’t hav..
Ex Tax:£54.13
Brand: IWS
The IWS Autodrain brain pot is a great addition to any grow space. Capable of automatically removing large amounts of run-off, simply connect to your outer IWS pots or your catchment tray/tank on a DIY system. Once sufficient run-off has made its way into the Autodrain brain pot, an internal fl..
Ex Tax:£100.00
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