quad grow

quad grow

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Quadgrow&octogrow offer the next level of performance for growers used to hand-watering pots. Plants are automatically fed and watered without pumps, timers or electricity and without sitting the roots in water.

Quadgrow and Octogrow are gravity-fed, passive hydroponic systems. Plants are grown in pots filled with an absorbent medium - soil or coco - that sit above a water tray filled with nutrient solution. The water tray is connected to an additional reservoir by a water regulator.

SmartMat Strips deliver nutrient solution from the water tray to the coco or soil in the pots. The water regulator draws nutrient solution from the reservoir into the water tray as it runs low.

Pots are separated from the water tray by a feeder tray. As the plants use up the water and nutrient in the soil or coco, it is replaced with nutrient solution absorbed through the SmartMat strips. Plants remain fed and watered without the soil or coco becoming water-logged.

They are never sat in water.


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