Green-Qube Tents

Green-Qube Tents Built For The Pros - Durable, Strong & A Low Price

If you're interested in starting a hydroponic garden, are a novice or experienced cultivator, we recommend checking out Green-Qube tents.

Designed and engineered by leading hydroponic experts, the focus of Green-Qube tents has always been "Strength, Quality Components and Innovative Design". Instantly recognisable with bright green 1mm thick (nearly double the industry standard) super strength steel poles and corners which can support more than 100kg, tents built to last.

The extensive range includes various models of different sizes and for some, positioned both horizontally and vertically. Whatever your ambitions, the space you have for your plants and your budget, Green-Qube tents allow all amateur gardeners to try their hand at indoor cultivation with ease.


Green-Qube Eco Grow Rooms

Perfectly light-tight, all tents in the Green-Qube range feature Diamond liner with excellent reflectivity. They are also equipped with lined and adjustable cuffs, reinforced seams and a water tray; which can be easily installed and removed very thanks to its fastening structure.

These eco-friendly rooms are equipped with a front door, double socks roof, back, side and ventilation, and a removable water tray. The interior lining of Green-Qube Tents are of silver reflective Mylar fabric. Green-Qube tents are compatible with HPS / MH lighting as with CFL (energy saving) lamps. Make sure to check out our maxibright daylight digital ballasts and maxibright horizon reflectors to enhance the intensity of horticultural light.

Easy to assemble and convenient to use, Green-Qube indoor grow tents are sold at the best price on our hydroponic e-shop.


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