We get asked this question on a daily basis and our answer is to ask " There are many factors to consider" Im going to go over the different factors in more detail but mainly comes down to whats your budget is and how much grow space you have available do you want closed loop system or extraction systems.

LED Light layouts

There are many different LED grow lights on the market ranging in size and budget first thing to think about is space versus budget, for instance let's say for example you have a 3m x 3m grow space you could fit 4 x Maxightbright 660w pro 2.7umol (2640w) which would give you a light spread of 7128 μmol/s/PPF in total or You could instead run 16 x Maxibright Daylight 300w pro (4800w) which would give you the light spread of 12000 μmol/s/PPF you could also do many more configurations with Lumatek pro led of Elite Quantum Leds with the sizes and figures would be similar. As you can see the light spread can be greatly improved or increased. There are other factors to consider, but you would certainly see greater/bigger yields if you give more light to your plants using more units.

LED Light cost 

The next thing to consider is the cost of your light layout for instants buying 4 x Maxibright Daylight 660w pro (2640w) would cost around £3396 to give you a total 7128 μmol/s/PPF making this set cost £2.10 per watt or the 16 x Maxibright Daylight 300w pro (4800w) would cost £5904 to give you a total 12000 μmol/s/PPF making this set up cost £2.03 per watt. The cost per watt is slightly cheaper but in considerably more upfront cost so is where to have to weigh up the upfront cost against bigger yields.

Closed loop or extraction system

 Photosynthetic Photon Flux is often referred to as PPF. Remember, light is the first order of life—it provides the crucial “input energy” for all your plants’ metabolic processes. As long as there is sufficient water, nutrients and carbon dioxide, it’s PPF that is the true driver of yield. When hitting your plants with high PPF it is also advised to use Co2 and increase your feeding cycles . When using Co2 you really have to run a closed loop system to maintain adequate levels of Co2 otherwise with a traditional extraction setup you would need to top up Co2 constantly to maintain adequate levels and is not cost-effective.

In summary

With LED grow lights heat is no longer a major factor and there are many different ways to layout your grow room but more PPF combined with the perfect environment  will increase your yields and is a more economical way to grow.