Here at Hytec Sheffield we have been hearing great things about BIOGREEN for many years and have seen them at all the trade shows showing there product line which consists of many products that are unique to them. We have have been doing customers trails now for quite some time with great reviews, So have decided that it was a no-brainer to stock in our store and is something we must bring to our customer with the ever-increasing demand to improve yields and end product overall quality a must in today market.

The Bio Green consists of quality bio-organic and minerals base plant nutrients from Bio Green have a good price/quality ratings and is very affordable to utilize. Bio Green nutrients can be employed in all watering systems and leave no residue behind. The Bio Green grow nutrients are ideal for all growing mediums. The complete line of Bio Green substrates consists of various types of substrate including coconut, soil and rock wool. The concentration is 4:1 which give you a great product at great value for money and also grow you fantastic plants a bumper yield and the best end product. The base nutrients consist of Bio 1 GrowCalgel and Bio 2 Bloom and additives consist of X-RootingBioZymX-BloomFlower Boost & PK 13/14 .


Hydro A and B together contain all the nutrients necessary for early growth and flowering in any medium.

N-P2O5-K2O: 4.2-0.0-6.0 MgO: 1.6 CaO: 2.4% | (N-P-K (Mg-Ca): 4.2-0.0-5.0 (1.0-1.7))


  • Visibly improves the condition of the plant’s roots.
  • Sufficient potassium for the start of the bloom and robustness of the plant.
  • Sufficient phosphorus for explosive root growth.
  • Sufficient magnesium for optimal chlorophyll and protein synthesis.
  • Consists only of the purest raw materials.
  • Visibly improves the optimum condition of the plant.
  • Enough potassium to achieve high growth.
  • Adapted for optimal flowering burst.

When using 2 mixing tanks, mix Hydro A in tank A, when using 1 mixing tank, mix Hydro A and Hydro B together in sufficient water. Do not leave the water prepared. Preferably use water at room temperature. Water every day as needed. Be careful not to overdose



X-Rooting is a high-quality supplement containing all amino acids and vitamins necessary for the growth of roots in any medium.

  • Stimulates the explosive formation of roots;
  • Stimulates the production of root-hairs;
  • Increases resistance to diseases;
  • Increases resistance to stress;
  • Restores stressed cuttings;
  • Stimulates the production of root hormones;
  • Free of heavy metals.
  • BioGreen X-Rooting consists of the right mix of synthetic and organic amino acids and vitamins.


From the 1st day of growth give daily during 3 weeks.Water every day as needed.



Biozym is a high-quality enzyme product which promotes waste products’ breakdown processes and restores the soil structure.


  • BioZym is the catalyst of plant waste products’ breakdown processes.
  • BioZym stimulates the microbiological life and restores the soil structure.
  • BioZym stimulates root growth and mineral absorption.
  • BioZym is completely environmentally safe; – Best-before date.

BioZym is suitable for all types of 
grow mediums like rockwool, soil, perlite, coconut bre, etc. It can simply be mixed with the regular nutrients. Mixing: 1 litre BioZym is sufficient for 1000 litres. Week 1 – 4 1 ml / Ltr Week 5 – 8 1,5 ml / Ltr Store in a dark, frost-free place. 



MAM is a high-quality fertilizer with all macro and micro elements required by plants from which cuttings are constantly taken.


  • Sufficient phosphorus for continued growth of the roots
  • Sufficient magnesium for an optimum chlorophyll and protein synthesis
  • Assures a cutting with more growth reserves
  • Contains additional microelements to eliminate a shortage caused by cutting
  • Consists only of the purest raw materials

Give as needed with the fertilizer solution in a ratio of 50 ml/100L water and once a week add Calgel 20ml/100L. In hydroponics give daily at least 5x per week in a ratio of 75ml/100L water; combine with Calgel 20ml/100L water. Store in a dark, frost-free place. 



Calgel is a high-quality plant fertilizer containing all macro and micronutrients required for growth and bloom in any medium.


  •  Improves the absorption of nutrients at the root;
  •  Assures a tangible strengthening and toughening of the top;
  •  Assures a measurable increase in the mass of the end product;
  •  Sufficient magnesium for optimal chlorophyll and protein synthesis;
  •  Consists only of the purest raw materials.
  •  No best-before date.

Give once a week with the feed water. If you use hydroponics, give 2x a week. If used in combination with the fertilizer, reduce the EC of your fertilizer solution in the tank by 0.3mS, and increase it again by 0.3mS with CalGel from the first week of bloom. Calgel can also be used as leaf nutrition. Mix in lukewarm water, 1ml per litre of water.




X-bloom is a high quality supplement that contains all the amino acids and vitamins necessary for an explosive sentence in any medium.


  • Stimulates an explosive top formation 
  • Stimulates the production of ATP
  • Increases resistance to diseases 
  • Increases resistance to stress 
  • Restores stressed plants 
  • Stimulates the production of bloom hormones 
  • Free of heavy metals

BioGreen X-bloom contains an adequate blend of amino acids and organic vitamins. Application: Apply daily from the 2nd week of prayer. Water daily as needed. Beware of possible overdoses.



X Blast stimulates to a great extent the final flowering of the plant. X Blast has a positive effect on the sugar content in and the resistance of the plant and gives a strong incentive to the energy management in the plant. Boron and iron are involved in the transport of energy in the plant and the formation of sugars. Copper is essential for root metabolism and stimulates the production of plant mass.


  • Contains enough potassium to give the flowering an additional boost.
  • It contains humates specially selected to give strength and resistance of the plant in its deficiencies.
  • Contains natural algae minerals that significantly increase resistance to stress.
  • Increases the sugar content of the plant.
  • Free of sodium salts.
  • It consists only of pure raw materials.

From week 5 or 6, depending on the flower size, until the end of the growth, add to the basic nutrients. Do not use together with extra fertilizers like PK 13-14 or Flower Boost. Avoid overdose, if necessary half the basic nutrients. EC Composition:N- 1 % P- 7 % K-11 % + Fe



X Force is a spore fertiliser enriched by silicic acid in a form that can be assimilated by plants with a positive effect on their growth, robustness and resilience.


  • X Force boosts chlorophyll production.
  • X Force reduces sodium absorption and salt stress.
  • X Force enhances potassium absorption.
  • X Force protects from pests and moulds.
  • X Force protects from abiotic stressors such as drought, UV rays and large temperature changes.

Shake accurately before use. Use X Force throughout the whole growing cycle in a dose of 15 ml dissolved in 100 litres of water. Add X Force to water but never do the reverse. Shake well for the product to be completely dissolved. Other nutrients and/or supplements could 
subsequently be added, if need be. EC-Fertilizer type E.2.1 | Mixture of liquid microelements SiO2 1,4% | K2O 2,7% (K 2,2%) | B 0,2% | Mo 1,8% IMPORTANT: X-Rooting in combination with X-Force improves the absorption of trace elements



BIOGREEN GARLIC Repels thrips and other insects. It is absorbed by the plant, making the plant less attractive to thrips and other insects. They will leave the plant. In a spray treatment, it reduces mold problems.

It is highly concentrated and contains an average of 15,000-28,000 ppm of allicin.

Close the bottle correctly after use. Period of validity after opening 2 months, if kept in a dark place, cool but free of frost.
Important: never use it simultaneously with hydrogen peroxide products.

It is made of raw materials that are all on the list of the German Research Institute for Organic Agriculture (FiBL) and are in accordance with EU Directive n. ° 834/2007 on organic production. 100 ml for 100 
liters of nutrient water as preventivetreatment 400 ml for 100 
liters of nourishing water as shock treatment As a spray: 50 ml to 1 liter of water.



PK 13-14 is a high-quality fertilizer containing all macro- and micro-nutrients
necessary to strengthen the formation of blooms in any medium.