Environment control

Reach The Ideal Growing Climate Via Advanced Grow Room Heaters, Revolution Silence EC Fans & Carbon Filter Kits

Plants produce their own organic matter from water (mineral salts) and CO², assimilated by the leaves thanks to solar energy; the mechanism of photosynthesis. Through the stomata covering their leaves, the plants consume CO² and release oxygen. Indoors, none of the natural elements that generate are present, except the plant itself.

Hytec Horticultures' selection of Environmental Equipment will help you control the climate to promote long-lasting growth.

In addition to air renewal, ventilation is an essential parameter for the proper functioning of a growing space. Air movement provided by fans such as revolution silence ec fans, facilitate high 0²/CO² exchange of stomata (= gain of liveliness) and promote expansion of the plant structure (= production gain).

In order to boost plant growth and maximize production (+50% yield!), hydroponic cultivators use CO2 injection to shorten crop cycle and raise grow to ideal 1200ppm. This technique consists of releasing carbon dioxide into the culture chamber and utilising carbon filter kits to open the pores of carbon to give it incredibly high organic absorption properties.

Through extraction/intraction and ventilation, the temperature of the culture chamber is controlled to a certain extent. For perfect management grow room heaters allow you to reach ideal levels of 23 °C (adequate range between 20 °C and 25 °C).

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