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Mills Nutrients is designed from the ground up for performance, versatility, and ease of use. Made in the Dutch tradition of a two part base along with additives that provide your plants with everything they need and nothing they don’t; Mills is a pioneer in the field of bio-mineral plant nutrients, utilizing both synthetic and organic sources to optimize growth rates, yield, flavor, and aroma. Years of testing in soil, coco-coir, and hydroponic systems; in sterile systems or with beneficial biologics; in professional greenhouses and with hobbyist growers alike have led to a complete, easy..
EVOPONIC  Evoponic is a new nutrient that has come too Hytec Hydroponic, Micromix subsidiary specifically supplying the hydroponic market. Every bit of specialist knowledge, technology and experience that the key chemists, plant pathologists, biologists and plant nutritionists at Micromix have accumulated over the last 24 years will all be focused on producing the new range BUD HONEY-EVOPONIC The formulation is comprised of a variety of essential carbohydrates, including oligosaccharides, that energises your plant by enhancing the sugar levels and also has a releas..
CLI-MATE MULTI FAN CONTROLLER New into Hytec Horticulture Sheffield is the CLI-MATE range of controllers.The Multi-Controller MC series is a temperature-controlled, Plug and Play, electronic continuously variable analog speed control. The MC-Series features four built-in terminals. By 2 pre-mounted temperature sensors, the MC series controls automate your indoor climate. To use for: ON DISPOSAL AND SEPARATELY TO REGULATE EACH OTHER TOTAL CONSUMPTION TO BE PERFORMED ON 14 -24 - 32 AMP TO ARRANGE FOR INDOOR 2 SEPARATE ROOMS FEATURES 2 external temperature sensors for o..
  CARBOAIR 50  CarboAirTM now available at Hytec hydroponics sheffield carboair 50 has been developed to filter VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) from smaller grow room environments.CarboAirTM 50 has a 50mm bed of virgin activated granular carbon. It is the best filter for normal use in smaller grow rooms. A 50mm bed of carbon is perfect for smaller grow rooms. It offers excellent filtration of air without compromising air flow. Removes even the strongest odours 55% open mesh Hanging bracket Labouratory tested Handmade and sealed in Europe Comes with a..

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