IWS Flood & Drain 6 pot system

IWS Flood & Drain 6 pot system

Brand: IWS
Product Code: IWSF&D06POT
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IWS Flood & Drain 6 pot system

IWS systems give the grower flexibility of each plant site location and are fully expandable providing virtually unlimited options, also allowing the grower to decide upon the feeding schedule/length as the plants progress through the growth and flowering stages of the crop cycle, use with either Aqua pots, Punched pots (to be used with clay pebbles only) or Culture pots (for use with a layer of clay pebbles and a growing medium of your choice on top)  IWS only use high quality components and carry the CE mark of conformity.


Supplied with:

  • ·         100 Litre water butt and pumps. (options above) the bigger the tank the less nutrient adjustments and refills!
  • ·         Brain pot & remote minute adjustable flood timer
  • ·         6 Elbows
  • ·         6 Pot assemblies (select pot option)
  • ·        10 Metres of ICELINE
  • ·         6 Stands

Easy to extend with the 1 pot extension kit selectable in the option menu above.

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