Maxibright iLink Daylight 315W PHILIPS ADAPTER kit

Maxibright iLink Daylight 315W PHILIPS ADAPTER kit

Brand: Maxibright
Product Code: Maxibright iLink Daylight 315W ADAPTER kit
Price: £239.99 Ex Tax: £199.99

Maxibright Daylight 315W PHILIPS ADAPTER Kit

Kit Comprises of 

1 x Adapter
1 x Maxibright Daylight 315W Ballast
1 bulb of your choice ( Philips MASTERColour Daylight Elite Ceramic Agro MH EL 315W/930 Lamp)



The Daylight iLink 315W digital ballast,
powers CMH/CDM 315W lamps to give your
plants full spectrum light.
Control up to 256 iLink ballasts per zone (Two
zones are available) using just one Revolution
RLC-1 lighting controller.

Key Features:
• Connect the Daylight iLink power pack to a
 Revolution RLC-1 controller
• Easy connect, iLink port
• Soft start technology
• End of lamp life detection
• Dynamic frequency control
• Short circuit protection
• Thermal protection, auto reset
• Silent and lightweight
• Simply connect each power pack together using
 the supplied iLink cables
• The iLink power pack can also be used
 independently, without connection to a
 Revolution RLC-1 controller

What can the NEW Daylight iLink 315W ballast do for you?
• Control up to 256 Daylight iLinks per zone
• Control lights in two zones independently
• Digitally timed switching on and off of Daylight iLink lights
• Automatic switch off, of lamps when a preconfigured maximum grow room temperature
 is reached
• Use standalone or for best results, use combined with HPS (As shown below)

.Controller sold separate RLC-1 SMART LIGHTING CONTROLLER