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With expertly engineered single stage holographic optics, silent passive cooling, and an IP66 rating, the Telos series is an innovation in horticultural lighting.

Our enhanced full spectrum LED grow lights use a blend of white and photo-red LEDs to provide a highly efficient solution for horticultural applications. The light intensity distribution of the Telos range has been calibrated to provide optimal light absorption through a stable, homogenized source, reducing 'hot spots' which can occur in other lighting products. 


Brand: TELOS
For people who had already purchased a GN Telos unit before the amazing new Mesh technology, fear not you don't need to buy a whole new light to upgrade! Our simple to install Mesh Upgrade Kits come with everything you need to quickly and easily swap out the components on your existing light.The Tel..
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Brand: TELOS
Specifications: 180W LED grow light. Enhanced 660nm full spectrum. Minimum PPF efficiency of 2+µmol/joule. (LED V1.1) Minimum PPF output of 360+µmol/s. (LED V1.1) Weight: 4.8kg lamp + 1.2kg driver. ​ Why choose a Telos LED grow light? Quality first: TELOS take quality very..
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Brand: TELOS
UPGRADABLE MODULAR DESIGN   The entire unit has been designed to enable the LED boards to be upgraded as technology changes. The Pro version incorporates the latest generation of OSRAM LEDs.   MARKET - LEADING PRODUCT LIFESPAN   With an L80 of 85,00..
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Brand: TELOS
Telos Mesh: Introducing our revolutionary new control system.Telos mesh is a secure, precise and wireless control solution that will revolutionise the way that growers control their Telos LED’s. Here at Telos we don’t release a new product every week. Instead, we think about what the future of horti..
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