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400v 1000w DE Lamps

400v 1000w DE (double ended) Lamps.

The 400v 1000w DE Lamps are specific horticultural growing lamps that provide many benefits over the standard single ended E40 type HPS and MH lamps of old.

  • Far more efficient use of power, they still use a 1000 watt of power but in a more economical way which produces more light output.
  • Healthier and happier plants.
  • Higher and more quality yields for the same running costs.
  • Cooler running temperature over standard 1000w lamps.
Brand: Lumii
Great value-for-money 1000w 400v grow light Can be used with any double ended, 400v lighting system Runs at a higher frequency than standard HPS More stable than traditional single ended lamps Increased PAR output of 10% when compared to single ended lamps Perfect for use in the flowe..
Ex Tax:£40.50
Brand: Gavita
Professional European 1000 W high-frequency horticultural lamp No wireframe, quartz glass outer bulb for perfect optical quality Double-ended, K12 x 30S lamp base for accurate lamp positioning Extremely high photosynthetic photon flux (ppf): 2100 μmol (see specs) Only suitable for high f..
Ex Tax:£83.33
Get all the benefits of an Adjust-A-Wings reflector combined with a high-frequency ballast and a superb lamp. This full kit reaches 96% reflectivity and includes everything you need for a high-performance light setup. A Super Spreader is included to disperse radiant heat so all plants are warm - ..
Ex Tax:£333.29
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