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400 Watt Lamps

400 Watt grow lamps

Brand: Power plant
Emitting a large amount of blue light required for the vegative stage of the plants cycle. *The blue light is essential for improving the results from your plants' vegetative cycle, promoting lush, green growth. *EFFICIANCY- Powerplant lamps provide more power per watt than most other lamps. *A grea..
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Brand: Power plant
Powerplant lamps are tailored to promote optimum development at each stage of the plants life cycle. The powerplant arc tube dosing technology achives more usable light energy without sacrificing the intensity or lamp life. Super HPS bulbs are designed for the flowering stage of your plant life cycl..
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produces higher chlorophyll levels for greener healthier plants promotes larger leaf mass inhibits unnatural stem elongation encourages increased numbers of plant internodes produces thicker primary stems encourages early flowering produces higher yields..
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