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Boost Plant Growth With Market Leading Nutrients And Beneficials

The nutrients brought by the water are essential elements for the life of the plants. A nutritional intake precisely set by the horticulturist allows fast-growing plants to reach their full potential, offering much heavier crops of better quality. In most cultures, tap water is used which is more or less "good".

Hytec Horticulture supplies a selection market leading nutrients and beneficial; including products from Canna, Dutch Master, Nutrifield Nutrients, Fox Farm, Vitalink and Plant Magic.

For more information on our Nutrient & Beneficials Brands check out our Product Summary page. Additionally, to speak to a Hytec team member please call 01142280024 or email us at

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  • House & Garden Aqua Flakes 1ltr Bloom
    House & Garden Aqua Flakes 1ltr Bloom  House & Garden A&B Aqua Flakes have been designed for use in both run to waste rock wool and NFT re-circulating style systems. The special composition of the nutrient solution leaves the water reservoir pure and keeps it fresh. At t..
    House & Garden Aqua Flakes 1ltr Bloom  House & Garden A&B Aqu...
    Ex Tax: £12.50 £15.00