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High-Quality Propagation Lighting For Increased Photosynthetic Activation Of Your Choice Crops

Using the correct type of propagation lighting during the early stages of your plant's growth is a crucial factor, as a light emission that is too intense/powerful could hurt small plants, cuttings and seedlings. The unit PAR (or Photosynthetically Active Radiation ) measures the operating efficiency of a light source on the photosynthesis of the plant. In fact, the closer the PAR unit is to 100% the more of the light released by the lamp is useful for photosynthesis; and consequently, the plant will be vivacious and productive.

Wide angle and cool propagation lighting increases efficiency in photosynthesis of plants thus maximises yields. View our range of market-leading brands today!

Shining A Light on T5 Fluorescent Tubes

The T5 is a particular high flux fluorescent tube. It is much brighter than basic fluorescents and diffuses a colour balance adapted to plant growth. Fluorescent tubes are still defined as "cooler" propagation lighting sources than HID systems; however, the T5 includes a reflector specially designed for wide-angle diffusion and thus covers a broader growing area than conventional fluorescent lighting.

In addition to the range of propagation lighting outlines below, Hytec Hydroponics also stocks hydroponic lighting alternatives to help maximise crop yield. Thus, for growth, it is preferable to use cold colours predominantly in the blue-white spectrum (including MH Bulbs & 400V 1000W DE Lamps); and for blooming - warm colours mainly in the red-orange range (HPS bulbs, Energy Saving CFLs or 315W CMD Lighting).

Maximise Indoor Crop Growth With Hytec's Propagation Tents & Propagation Lighting

All of the propagation tents & propagation lighting available from Hytec Hydroponics have been tried, tested and are trusted by hydroponic experts. Our propagation tents are covered in durable and robust canvas, to be utterly hermetic to outside climatic conditions. The interior of the tent is lined with highly reflective material, usually Mylar, but it can also be aluminium or the highly reflective white Orca covering.

Maximize your yields with market leading propagation tents including budbox tents, gorilla grow tents & secret jardin grow tents. View Hytec's vast range today!

Different spaces according to the culture phase:

How to manage your germination/cuttings space

The temperature should be kept between 20°C and 25°C. The hygrometry rate (humidity level) should be around 90% inside the propagation tents. The use of fans is not yet necessary at this stage of cultivation. For lighting use a cold light (blue) CFL, neon or LED Lighting.

How to manage your growing space

The temperature should be kept between 20°C and 25°C during the day and 18°C at night, with a hygrometry rate between 60 and 80%. For lighting, a double 110 Watt compact fluorescent T5 Tube is sufficient, unless you opt for HPS bulbs, Energy Saving CFLs or 315W CMD Lighting.

It is necessary to have at least 1m of height for the growth phase of your plants. You can add Inline Fans such as revolution silence ec fans to prevent the heat of the lamp from reaching the plant.

How to manage your flowering space

The temperature should be maintained between 25°C and 27°C during the day and 18°C at night, with a hygrometry level between 40 and 70%. It is crucial at this point in cultivation to have fans to prevent the heat of the lamp from damaging the plant, but you can also increase the extraction power via the use of Air Conditioning extractors.

For a space of 1m², a lamp of 400 Watts is sufficient. It takes two meters to develop beautiful plants but also to maintain a constant temperature in your area.

It will be necessary to equip an extractor equipped with a variation Fan Controller to adjust its speed according to the ideal temperature, Activated Carbon Filter Kits (to reduce odours) and a Thermo-Hygrometer to gain accurate readings and set time-frames.

The Grow Tent must be completely sealed to the outside light. Check the capacity of your electrical system to support all the equipment in your indoor garden and ensure all plugs and electrical connections are placed high, protected from splashing water.

The ideal is to have a 2m height for the flowering phase of your plants.

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