The Enviro4 expands on the Enviro Controller V2 with updated and improved functionality for the 2023 grower. Now featuring two extra ‘free’ plug sockets (in place of the AC fan sockets), growers are now able to control more devices from a single unit, consolidating the functions of many other controllers used in the grow room and rendering many of them obsolete.

Let’s have a quick run through the new and improved Enviro4 features and see how they’ve changed from the Enviro V2.


Free sockets

The Enviro V2 has two dedicated AC fan sockets (intake and outtake) which are crucial for effectively regulating the speed of AC fans such as RVK, Revolution AC and Box Fans. While it also has two EC fan sockets to accommodate newer EC technology, most growers will now exclusively use the EC sockets, leaving the AC sockets unused. Because most growers have now transitioned to EC fan technology, it makes perfect sense to free up those sockets for more general devices such as lighting, heating or humidification – which is now the case with the Enviro4.

In addition to the standard EC fan control functions (maximum temperature and minimum fan speed) the Enviro4 has integrated balancing software, ensuring that those using both an intake and outtake fan together are able maintain negative pressure while speeding up and slowing down. By ensuring that negative pressure is maintained, no unwanted odours will be able to escape your growing area because 100% of the extracted air will pass through the carbon filter.


Replaceable Probe

Being the most exposed and sensitive part of the controller, it’s important to be able to easily replace the temperature/humidity probe to ensure that the device continues to perform at its peak, especially after a few years of use. The new Enviro4 Controller features an easily replaceable probe that simply plugs in and out, ensuring maximum performance and device longevity for years to come.


Increased Amperage

To go with the doubling of ‘free’ sockets, the Enviro4 comes with double the amperage capacity - now increased from 13A to 26A. Many users wanting to upgrade from multiple V2s to Enviro4s will be able to do so with just half the number of devices used previously.


What equipment will work best with my Enviro4 Controller?

While the Enviro4 Controller is compatible with the vast majority of grow equipment out there on the market, we’ve put together some product recommendations that we know will work great with this device. Don’t forget, you can always give us a call or send us a message if you’d like more specific information about this controller and compatible devices.



RAM 13L Ultrasonic Humidifier

Sonic Air 23L Humidifier

EC Extraction Fans:
Phresh Hyperfan range (Pack 16 Cable Needed. Sold Separately)
Grow Lights: