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This Sheffield-based organic biostimulant manufacturer has been at the forefront of organic and no-till growing for many years. We stock a wide range of Ecothrive products.

Ecothrive sprouted in 2013 when its founder, Gareth, returned to the UK after spending time with leading growers along the west coast of Canada and the United States. However, when he reconnected with organic growers back home, it seemed like they were lagging several years behind their North American counterparts.

Keen to share the information he’d picked up with cultivators across the UK, it quickly became clear to Gareth that there was a real hunger for knowledge concerning the fundamentals of soil health and following sustainable growing practices, as well as a need for genuinely top quality organic products to boost nutrient availability through soil microbiology.

A former worm farmer and professional greenhouse grower, Gareth heard his clarion call and set about developing a revolutionary natural insect frass biostimulant called “Charge”. Growers loved it. Plants loved it. And the root hairs on the back of Gareth’s neck indicated that this was just the beginning…

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