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Fan Controllers & Spares

Keeping the environment that your plants grow in at optimum levels is the most important thing to achieve as an indoor gardener.

At each stage of a plant's life, certain temperatures and humidity levels are better than others when it comes to achieving maximum growth rates and yields. Environment control can be achieved easily with all the equipment available to the hydroponic gardener these days, such as inline fans, humidifiers and dehumidifiers. However, without full control over this equipment, gardeners can quickly find temperature and humidity swinging too far each way. By using fan controllers with thermostatic probes, much of the work needed to be done to control the temperatures and humidity levels within the grow room can be fully automated, giving the grower peace of mind that their crop is being kept within these desired ranges, removing the need to constantly monitor and micromanage. Look at our selection of fan controllers we have in stock to suit all the different types of inline fans that are available on the hydroponic market.
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