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Nutrients & Beneficials

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Nutrients & Beneficials

Boost Plant Growth With Market Leading Nutrients and Beneficials
Nutrients brought by water are essential elements for the life of plants. Hytec Horticulture supplies a selection of market-leading nutrients and benefits; including branded products from Athena, Mills Canna, Dutch Pro,Biobizz Nutrifield Nutrients, Fox Farm and Vitalink.

Hydroponic cultivators now have the ability to precisely set the nutritional intake of their plants in order to boost plant growth and maximize production. That's the reason why you find this technique of growing plants in horticultural industries because the yield and the savings are so high!

An important aspect of hydroponic plant growing is


Keep an eye on the pH levels of grow systems closely because it plays a key role in the availability of nutrients that the plant needs to assimilate minerals. In addition to this, the fertilizers that are poured into the nutrient solution increase its power of electroconductivity. pH & EC Management is a critical procedure to determine whether or not it is necessary, and in what dose, to add fertilizer.

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