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Pots & Saucers


  1. Materials:

    • Plastic: Lightweight, affordable, and comes in various sizes and colours. Plastic pots retain moisture well.
    • fabric weight and reusable helps your plants to breath
  2. Sizes:

    • Pots come in a range of sizes to accommodate different plants. Larger pots are suitable for plants that require more space for root development.
  3. Drainage Holes:

    • Proper drainage is crucial for preventing waterlogging and root rot. Pots should have drainage holes at the bottom to allow excess water to escape.
  4. Shapes:

    • Pots come in various shapes, including round and square. Choose a shape that complements the style of your garden or indoor space.
  5. Self-Watering Pots:

    • Some pots come with built-in reservoirs or self-watering systems, which can be useful for maintaining consistent moisture levels, especially for plants with specific watering needs.
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