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AC Extraction Fans

AC Fans are the original extraction fan, used and trusted for many years by growers all around the world. Their relatively cheap upfront cost makes them ideal for new growers and large commercial applications alike. We've got an extensive range of AC extraction fans and controllers suitable for all grow room sizes and budgets.


A bit more about AC technology

It seems there might be a slight confusion or misinterpretation. The term "AC" in the context of extraction fans does not typically refer to "Air Conditioning." Instead, it usually stands for "Alternating Current," which is the type of electrical current used in all UK domestic plug sockets.

AC extraction fans are equipped with motors that operate on an alternating current. These motors are commonly found in traditional, non-electronically commutated fans.

AC fans are often more budget-friendly compared to EC fans. They are a common and reliable choice for various ventilation applications.

AC extraction fans are suitable for scenarios where variable speed control is not a critical requirement. They are commonly used for general-purpose ventilation in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. While speed controllers for AC fans are widely available, they can be relatively expensive and inefficient.

While AC extraction fans lack some of the advanced features and energy efficiency of EC fans, they remain a practical choice for applications where constant and reliable airflow is sufficient.

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