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LED Complete Grow Kits

When it comes to getting the biggest possible yields and the highest quality end-product, simply nothing beats LED. The greater spread, control and efficiency afforded by LEDs over traditional HID technology means that growers are better able to provide the optimum environment for their plants - meaning happier plants and better overall growth.

Until recently, however, the price of LED grow lighting has been a barrier to many aspiring horticulturists. Not anymore!

We've put together some fantastic value LED grow light kits below, each matched with an appropriately sized grow tent and extraction kit, allowing you to get off to the best start with your LED journey - all with a generous discount off the RRP (if purchased individually)

Each kit comes with various 'Bolt Ons', such as pots & saucers and nutrients that you can add on and save even more off RRP. Larger Tent kits come with various Filtration Kit options to offer even more choice and flexibility to suit needs and budget.
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