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Maximize Your Yields With IWS Systems For Hydroponics. IWS manufacture the finest hydroponics systems on the market to date and have quickly become the choice for the connoisseur grower. IWS pride themselves on quality rather than quantity and only supply the best quality components.

Hytec Hydroponics' range of products from IWS Systems allow cultivators to fully optimise oxygen levels within nutrient solutions and maintain consistent pH and EC levels. As a result, cultivated crops develop consistent vigour and production levels throughout growth. IWS have succeeded in filling the gap in today’s horticultural market by introducing easy to operate quality horticultural grow systems at affordable prices.

Grow Your Choice Crops Like A Pro With IWS Systems
Combined with a supply of water and high-quality nutrients, light activity will allow plants to assimilate carbon dioxide (CO² = photosynthesis fuel) and release oxygen. Thus, the higher the luminous intensity, the more the plant will grow, remain perennial and produce abundant flowering.

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