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We have a team of specialists, highly skilled in the process of setting up indoor grow facilities, from small hobby grow rooms to industrial buildings for commercial crop production. Our team has more than 20 years experience in hydroponics and horticultural practises who are here to help you establish the process of growing many different varieties of plants in controlled indoor environments.


We offer intuitive advise on all the cutting-edge growing equipment on the market. We specialise in closed-loop systems and CO2 systems with automations.


We provide a full range of services from consultation to ongoing advice throughout your growing experience.


  • Consultation and business plan for commercial cultivation.
  • Plan drawing of the optimal location of all equipment based on the plan of your premises.
  • A list of all the necessary equipment and nutrients necessary for successful cultivation.
  • Purchase and delivery of equipment and nutrients.
  • Advice of the installation of all the equipment.
  • Consultation on the care of various varieties of seed or clone to harvest.
  • Consultation on electric and water costs.
  • Information on government backed grants that are available.


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