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CO2 Enrichment

CO2 is a fundamental building block for plant growth and is often taken for granted because of its abundance in the atmosphere. Because CO2 is such a crucial element of photosynthesis, not only is it something that you simply can’t do without, but it’s also something that can be effectively utilised to increase growth rates and, by extension, yield.

Because CO2 is such a fundamental driver of plant metabolism, not only will adequate atmospheric CO2 levels help to ensure happy, healthy plants; but it’s possible to supercharge growth beyond usual rates by providing additional CO2 to your plants – increasing vigour, speeding up flowering/fruiting and increasing yields. Most growers agree that you will get about 20-30% more yield, with an increased growing speed of at least 15%, by adding CO2 to your grow room.

Take a look through our collection of CO2 products if you want to take yields to the next level.

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