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AC Infinity UK - Shop The Latest Technology

AC Infinity are a market-leading indoor horticulture and ventilation equipment manufacturer hailing from California, USA. Their innovative designs and high quality products are packed with tech and offer fantastic value-for-money, so are known and loved worldwide by hobbyists and professionals alike. 

We stock a wide range of AC Infinity Equipment from the popular Cloudline fans, Cloudlab tents and Grow accessories. To the new LED grow lights such as the Ionframe & Iongrid LED grow lights. 

All AC Infinity products are compatible with the UIS Ecosystem Platform of controllers like the 69 PRO Controller, 69 PRO+ Controller and the Basic 67 Controller. Take control of your environment now! 

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Who Are AC Infinity?

AC Infinity is based in Los Angeles, California, USA. The company operates its headquarters there, where it focuses on the design, development, and distribution of its airflow and ventilation products.. AC Infinity is a company that specializes in providing high-quality airflow and ventilation solutions for grow rooms and grow tents. They are known for their range of products designed to enhance air circulation and climate control in various settings, including residential, commercial, and Cultivation environments. 

Why Buy AC Infinity Products?

Buying AC Infinity products comes with several compelling benefits.

Innovative Design: AC Infinity products are known for their cutting-edge design, incorporating advanced technology to enhance performance and efficiency. This includes smart controllers and automated systems for precise climate control.

High Quality: The company emphasizes quality in all its products, ensuring durability and reliability. Their rigorous testing and high manufacturing standards mean you get products that perform consistently over time.

Energy Efficiency: Many AC Infinity products are designed to be energy-efficient, helping you reduce energy consumption and save on electricity costs without compromising on performance.

Versatility: AC Infinity offers a wide range of products suitable for various applications, from home ventilation to professional-grade grow tents, server racks, and hydroponic systems. This versatility makes it easy to find a solution that fits your specific needs..

By choosing AC Infinity, you're investing in advanced, high-quality, and energy-efficient ventilation solutions backed by strong customer support and a reputation for excellence.

Whats Are The Different Products AC Infinity Sell?

Cloudline - EC Extraction Fans

The AC Infinity CLOUDLINE PRO range of EC extraction fans is designed for high-performance ventilation across various applications, including grow tents, hydroponics, and HVAC systems. These fans feature electronically commutated (EC) motors that provide energy efficiency, quieter operation, and precise variable speed control. Equipped with an intelligent digital controller such as the controller 69 and controller 69 PRO, the fans offer automated programming based on temperature and humidity, remote control capabilities, and real-time monitoring through a user-friendly interface. 

Cloudray - Clip On Circulation Fans

The AC Infinity CLOUDRAY fans are designed to deliver powerful and efficient air circulation for various applications, including grow tents, indoor gardening, and commercial environments. Featuring high-performance electronically commutated (EC) motors, these fans provide superior energy efficiency and quiet operation. They come equipped with a smart digital controller that allows for easy monitoring and control of fan speed and performance, with automated programming based on temperature and humidity when paired with the controller 69 or controller 69 PRO. They offer flexible installation options with multiple mounting configurations and a compact design suitable for tight spaces. 

Cloudlab - High Quality Grow Room Tents

The AC Infinity CLOUDLAB grow tents are designed with advanced features to support optimal plant growth and cultivation. These tents are constructed from thick, durable 2000D oxford cloth that is tear-resistant and double-stitched to prevent light leaks, ensuring a completely dark environment for plants. The interior features highly reflective mylar lining to maximize light distribution and enhance plant growth. The frame is made of sturdy steel poles with strong corner connectors, providing stability and support for various grow equipment. The CLOUDLAB grow tents also include multiple duct ports and ventilation openings with adjustable sleeves for accommodating fans, filters, and other accessories. Additionally, they feature convenient access points and viewing windows, allowing for easy plant monitoring and maintenance without disrupting the internal environment.

Cloudforge - Grow Room Humidifiers

The AC Infinity CLOUDFORGE humidifiers are engineered to deliver precise and efficient humidity control for various indoor environments, including grow tents, greenhouses, and home spaces. These humidifiers feature a high-capacity water tank, ensuring extended operation without frequent refills, and are equipped with advanced ultrasonic technology that produces a fine mist to evenly distribute moisture. The digital control panel offers intuitive operation with adjustable humidity settings, timer functions, and real-time humidity display, allowing users to maintain optimal humidity levels effortlessly. The CLOUDFORGE humidifiers can also be connected to the Controller 69 and Controller 69 PRO. 

UIS ECO system Of Controllers

The AC Infinity UIS (Universal Integrated System) platform of grow room controllers offers an innovative and comprehensive solution for managing and optimizing indoor gardening environments. The UIS platform of controller such as the Controller 69, Controller 69 PRO and the Controller 69 PRO+ integrates climate control systems, including fans, lights, humidifiers, and heaters, into a single, user-friendly interface. This allows growers to automate and precisely control various aspects of their grow room's environment. Key features include a digital controller with a touchscreen display, providing real-time monitoring and easy adjustments of temperature, humidity, and light schedules. The system supports customizable programming and automation, enabling users to create ideal conditions for different stages of plant growth. Additionally, the UIS platform is designed for seamless scalability, allowing users to expand their system with additional AC Infinity devices as their needs grow

LED Grow Lights

AC Infinity's line of LED grow lights, including theIonGridIonBoard, and IonFrame, boasts advanced features tailored to optimize plant growth while offering efficiency and convenience. These lights utilize high-quality LED diodes that emit full-spectrum light, mimicking natural sunlight to support healthy and vigorous plant development throughout all growth stages. The IonGrid features a modular design, allowing growers to customize the light configuration to suit their specific needs, while the IonBoard offers a sleek and compact form factor ideal for smaller grow spaces. The IonFrame, on the other hand, provides a versatile and adjustable lighting solution that can be easily mounted or suspended to accommodate various setups. Each light fixture is designed for maximum energy efficiency, producing minimal heat output and consuming less power compared to traditional lighting systems. Additionally, these LED grow lights are built to last, with durable construction and long lifespans, ensuring reliable performance and consistent yields. Pair with the Controller 69 or Controller 69 PRO for full grow room controll.

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