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Feed Charts

Feed Charts

Hytec Horticulture |

Here at Hytec Hydroponics we have brought together for your use, Feed Charts for all of our most popular selling plant nutrients and additives.

Scroll down and find the Feed Chart you require... 

We also have hard copies of many of these feed charts in store, please visit us or give us a call if you would like one.

Amounts are given per L of water, unless stated otherwise.




Nutrifield Coco


BioGreen Coco


BioGreen Hydro

Canna Coco


Canna Hydro

Canna Aqua


Canna Terra




Shogun Coco (Soft Water)


Shogun Coco (Hard Water)


Shogun Hydro (Soft Water)


Shogun Hydro (Hard Water)


Shogun Terra (Soft Water)


Shogun Terra (Hard Water)


Dutch Pro Hydro/Coco (Hard Water)


Dutch Pro Hydro/Coco (Soft/RO Water)


Dutch Pro Soil (Hard Water)


Dutch Pro Soil (Soft/RO Water)

House & Garden


BioBizz (Light Mix / Coco)


BioBizz (All Mix)


Athena (Blended Line)



Athena (Pro Line)


Evoponic (Beginner)


Evoponic (Intermediate)


Evoponic (Advanced)


Evoponic (Powders)