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Introducing the Pulse Range of Smart Grow Room Monitors

Introducing the Pulse Range of Smart Grow Room Monitors

Craig Page |

Get your environment locked down with the Pulse Labs range of smart sensors.

These innovative, high-tech sensors monitor and log various aspects of your growing environment to help you keep on top of crucial parameters; whether it's VPD (humidity / temperature), PPFD, DLI or dew point; Pulse can measure it all.


Let's take a look at some of the Pulse smart grow room monitors available and see what they can do:

Pulse One

This is the original Pulse sensor - designed and manufactured in the USA, used and loved by thousands. It's straightforward design and functionality allows you to monitor VPD, dew point, humidity and temperature via your smartphone or computer with a WiFi connection and the Pulse App (compatible with iOS, Android, PC, and Mac). This App supports an unlimited number of sensors so you'll never be limited by the scale of your needs. You can view day and night averages for any selected time period alongside VPD data, ensuring complete control over your environment at all times.

Should the sensor leave WiFi range or experience a connection issue, you'll be instantly alerted and any data will be logged, ready to be uploaded upon reconnection. The Pulse One takes two AA batteries that should provide between 3 and 9 months of power. Day and Night averages

Pulse Labs - Pulse One

Pulse Zero

The latest addition to the Pulse sensor family, the Pulse Zero incorporates all the functions of the Pulse One (with the exception of an air pressure sensor and batteries), into a tiny device. At a significantly cheaper price point to the Pulse One, it's the ideal choice for small scale hobby growers looking to get the absolute most from their space.

Pulse Pro

 Finally, we have the Pulse Pro. This all-singing, all-dancing device is capable of not only monitoring VPD, temperature, humidity, and dew point, but also features a light sensor and a CO2 sensor, providing PPFD and DLI data to the grower alongside accurate air quality data. Growers wanting to push their crops to the absolute limit will be able to accurately compare and assess all these environmental parameters over time, ensuring they don't miss out on potential yield from underlighting or under-supplementing CO2 at crucial growth stages.

Pulse Labs - Pulse Pro


So if you'd like to achieve peace-of-mind when you're away or get the most out of your grow room, why not open yourself up to a world of possibilities with the raw data that accurate environment monitoring is capable of providing. The Pulse range of smart grow room sensors can provide you with all the information you need to spot issues and make informed improvements to your environment - a crucial piece of kit for those wanting to take their grows to the next level.