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Latest LED Grow Lights for Summer 2024

Latest LED Grow Lights for Summer 2024

Craig Page |

Now summer is well and truly here, we thought we’d run through the latest LED grow lights to hit the market. If you’re struggling with the heat from your HPS or less efficient LED fixtures, why not take a look at the newest offerings below?

LUMii Black2 720w/960w

Taking the driverless concept to a new level, the LUMii Black 2 LED Grow Light is capable of providing 33% more light than other 720w fixtures on the market, thanks to its ability to run from 2 Digital Ballasts. Not only that, but it’s possible to split this unit into two separate fixtures, making a wide range of configuration options available to the grower. Check out our video for more information.

Lumii Black 720/960w LED Grow Light

MaxiLED Pro Series

This new range from Maxibright feature the latest full spectrum Samsung and San’an diodes alongside unrivalled IP65 waterproofing, ensuring maximum protection in humid environments. Available as a 680w, 860w and 1000w, there’s one to suit all grow room builds and sizes. The MaxiLED Dual 2290 860w LED Grow Light comes with UV and Far Red diodes to enhance growth even further, making them perfect for high-intensity connoisseur growers.

MaxiLED Mono 1900 680w LED Grow Light

MaxiLED Dual 2290 860w LED Grow Light

MaxiLED Mono 2800 1000w LED Grow Light

MaxiLED PRO - Mono 2800 100w LED Grow Light

Thinkgrow Model H+

The original Thinkgrow Model H was an incredibly innovative, high-performing LED grow light when it was released several years ago. Following further R&D, Thinkgrow have taken innovation to the next level, with the Thinkgrow Model H+. This large 8-bar, 720w fixture is now 150cm x 150cm, and is specially designed to perfectly cover 1.5m square areas, as well as featuring four selectable LED channels (UV,White, Deep Red, Far Red) - giving growers unrivalled control to fine-tune growth at each stage and experiment with different spectrum recipes.


Craft Farmer V3 Undercanopy Lights

The latest in undercanopy technology from Craft Farmer can add significant quality and yield improvements for undergrowth – a part of the plant which has traditionally been neglected or removed due to the difficulty of effectively providing light to that area. Its IP65 waterproofing ensures that you’re fully protected against spills or leaks when placing these on the floor of your grow room. Take a look at our video for a closer look or check out our blog for more information on undercanopy lighting.

Craft Farmer V3 Undercanopy Lights 120w


Lumatek 50w Far Red Supplemental LED

The Lumatek 50w Far Red Supplemental LED Grow Light is a fantastic add-on for those using Lumatek Zeus LED fixtures, providing even higher levels of Far-Red light to the canopy than was possible before. You don't need a Zeus, however, to get the full benefits from this supplemental light, thanks to the standalone power cord provided.

Lumatek 50W Far-Red Supplemental Light LED Bar


Omega Black 720w LED 3.2

Featuring newly upgraded diodes that take this fixture up to 3.2 µmol/J, the Omega Black 720w LED Grow Light is now capable of producing a PPF of 2304 µmol/s, making it an ideal option for 1.5m2 growing areas. Thanks to its ability to run off standard digital 600w HPS ballasts, this grow light offers unbeatable performance for the money and an exceptionally fast ROI.