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TELOS Growcast Universal LED Bluetooth Control

TELOS Growcast Universal LED Bluetooth Control

Craig Page |

Growcast - Bluetooth Control

With the recent introduction of the revolutionary Telos Mesh Bluetooth system, controlling your Telos lights is now easier than ever. While there are also a few other LED grow lights that have been able to utilise this technology from the start (by integrating proprietary Telos Mesh drivers), the vast majority of popular LED grow lights on the market have been unable to benefit from the fantastic features that this technology brings - until now!


What does Mesh do?

Essentially, Mesh is a Bluetooth-integrated control system that allows you to manage grow lights from your smartphone. Once you've downloaded the Mesh app and connected your light, you'll have access to a range of photometric data and enhancing features that are usually only available with expensive controllers. You'll be able to view the exact, wattage, output, efficiency and relative power level of your grow light as you make adjustments which can be done in two ways: either by using the slider or by typing in your chosen PPF (output) level. If you've got a grow light that dims in increments (e.g 25%-50%-75%-100%), you'll now be able to dim completely linearly and build light levels up alongside plant growth in a way that is much smoother, helping plants to transition into the various phases of a typical growing cycle.

In addition to the precise dimming function that this technology brings, you'll also be able to set timer schedules (including soft-start sunrise and sunset modes) and group lights together into 'rooms', so that all connected lights can be dimmed and timed in unison. This is especially useful at reducing the workload in larger facilities and also offers extra peace-of-mind over mechanical timers; should you suffer from a power-outage, your Growcast connected lights will remain synchronised to their original timing schedule.

With the introduction of the Telos Growcast device, you'll no longer need a Telos-specific driver powering your light to get access to these features. Simply plug this into your grow light and you're away! The app is available on both Android and IOS.

Will this work with my grow light?

Most lights currently on the market use an RJ11/RJ14 port for external dimming control, however many newer LEDs will utilise waterproof M12 push-lock connectors. Telos have created the Growcast to be compatible with either of these connections. To find out if your specific grow light model is compatible with the Growcast adaptor, Telos have provided a list of compatible grow lights that you can find here. This list is constantly being updated, so if you don't see your light there's a good chance that it'll be included soon. Many of the lights included in this list have been photometrically tested in-house by Telos to confirm 100% PPF accuracy (they'll have the word 'verified' next to them or a blue tick on the app). If your grow light is made by one of the few manufacturers that use non-standard connection fittings, simply contact us and we'll be able to help. It may be possible for us to acquire a specific fitting that will work with your grow light.

Is it secure?

This technology has been developed with user security a top priority and utilises end-to-end encryption to communicate between your light and smart phone. Bluetooth listening devices will be unable to detect these grow lights during normal operation and anyone wanting to get inside the system will need to physically touch the light before any changes can be activated. User settings and encryption keys can also be saved via a secure cloud service. Only when initially connecting the app to your smartphone will any 'advertising' be performed by your light, after which it'll switch to 'listening only' mode, making it completely undetectable to anyone else.

How easy is it to set up?

Very easy! Anyone who's generally familiar with downloading and installing smart phone apps will find the process straightforward and uncomplicated. Simply head over to your app store and download the 'Telos' app. Once you're in, just scan for your light, follow a few steps on screen and you'll be connected. Once you've successfully connected you'll be able to access the full range of features as well as real-time information about your grow light. Take a look at the video we've created below showing some of the steps and app features:

Can I control multiple lights at once?

Yes! Providing your lights have daisy-chaining dimming capability (they'll need an 'OUT' socket in addition to an 'IN') - which most will, you'll be able to connect up to several hundred lights to a single Growcast controller. In fact, even if you have a mixture of different branded lights, providing they use the same connection (e.g. Maxibright Daylight and Lumatek Zeus both use M12), you'll be able to connect them all together and control them from a single Growcast device.

Will these work with my 600w HPS ballast?

Currently, Dimlux Expert 400v and Gavita Pro Series HPS grow lights are compatible with the Growcast and are able to make use of all features, including linear dimming and room average canopy-level PPFD information. Many of these features can only be found on much more expensive lighting controllers, while many of them simply don't exist on any other lighting absolute game changer!


When will this device be available?

We can expect this device to be available on the market from 17th February 2023. Take a look at our product listing for it here. If you have any questions about this device, please don't hesitate to contact us.