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Which Air Conditioner is Best?

Which Air Conditioner is Best?

Craig Page |

Watercooled vs Aircooled Air Conditioners

If you’re looking for ways to cool large grow areas, nothing does the job quite like an air conditioner. Capable of removing vast amounts of heat from any enclosed space, air conditioners have been a staple of the growing industry for decades.

How do Air Conditioners work?

In short, Air Conditioners utilise the same technology as your fridge freezer, using condensers to condense and expand coolant, shifting heat energy from one area to another so that it can then be dissipated and exhausted.

Which type is best for me?

Both air-cooled and water-cooled air conditioning systems have their pros and cons. Whether one is better for you than another will come down to your specific situation and budget.


In most instances, we’d advise getting an air-cooled air conditioning system over a water-cooled one, due to the greater simplicity and peace-of-mind that an air-cooled system provides. This relatively simple and mature technology makes installation and maintenance a much cheaper and more straight-forward process. Some of the main manufacturers, such as Hassarya for example, provide a wide range of air-cooled units to cover almost any space. Check out some of our most popular air-cooled systems below:



There’s no arguing with the effectiveness of water-cooled air conditioning systems, but the large amounts of water that they consume can make them financially unviable if you’re on a water meter. Additionally, the need for proper filtration and the greater risks associated with dealing with a pressurised, circulating water system means that greater care needs to be taken to ensure that it is installed correctly and that regular maintenance checks are carried out. With that being said, if you’re not on a water meter and are prepared to pay the higher upfront installation costs, a water-cooled air conditioning system will have lower running costs due to lower electricity consumption, making it a cheaper long-term option. Opticlimate and Top-Climate water-cooled units are incredibly powerful systems and are smaller than their air-cooled equivalents. Take a look at some of the more popular models below: