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The MEGAPOT system allows growers to use large pots to achieve bigger yields with fewer plants. The innovative design and intuitive features mean that with MEGAPot, less is more!
Definition of Hydroponics: ‘the growing of plants in nutrient solutions with or without an inert medium (such as soil) to provide mechanical support.’
In most hydroponics systems the roots are directly suspended in nutrient-rich and perfectly pH-balanced water. With MEGAPot, that’s not the case. The roots are suspended in coco or soil and the system has a base which supports your plant whilst giving you a safety net and making it easier to grow.
MEGAPOT 39L & 56L   MegaPot has been designed for growers who want the benefits of a gravity fed system but prefer growing in larger pots.   MEGAPot™ is a revolutionary hydroponics system, produced in the UK. Utilising gravity to water soil, coco or any type of medium to en..
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MEGAPOT MULTIPOT 16L 4 POT WITH ROOT POUCH   DESIGNED & MANUFACTURED IN THE UK 4 pot 16 litres gravity fed system made for growers who like shorter plant cycle lengths.     The Multi-Pot is an easy to use gravity fed system that uses just 1 valve to feed 4 plants..
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