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Coco Coir

Mills Cocopeat
Cocopeat is an all-around potting substrate based on coco fibres and coco gravel, it is pH neutral and has a medium EC content and it is environmently friendly. One of the benefits of coco fibre is that it is able to absorb vast amounts of water. When using Cocopeat it is almost impossible for ..
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Canna Coco Professional Plus 50l
Brand: Canna
CANNA Coco Professional Plus is a coco-based growing medium that offers the gardener and his plants many advantages in comparison with other substrates: CANNA Coco Professional Plus is a pure, organic product with a homogeneous structure and has had a full buffering, eliminating the side effects o..
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Brand: Gold Label
Gold Label Hydrocorn Pebbles and Coco is an ideal match for high water capacity, lower watering frequency, and better rooting. We utilize the 8-16mm Hydrocorn Pebbles from Gold Label and the purest Gold Label Coco to give you the perfect ebb and flood growing media which also works well in any ..
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PRO7 COCO is produced by Jiffy, a world-renowned brand, supplying constantly high-quality premium substrates for both beginners and expert gardeners for over 60 years.Its coco plantations and processing facilities based in Sri Lanka are world leading & ISO 22000 – certified thus guaranteeing sal..
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Brand: Nutrifield
Nutrifield Coco Bricks and Mega Bricks are made of the same RHP quality coco as Nutrifield Coco Premium Organic Plant Medium. They are made up of 100% coco coir that is compressed and packed to ensure ease of transport, storage and handling. Coco Premium Organic Plant Medium in Compressed Form Nutri..
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Brand: Nutrifield
Coco Chips consists of a blend of 50% coir and 50% chips, making it a reliable, long-lasting, and easy to use substrate for hydroponic and soil systems. The chips are made from the same high-quality coconut husk as Nutrifield coco premium but are minimally processed for a larger particle size. The R..
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The ULTIMATE COCO & CORK ensures ultimate water management and is an airy substrate. This will allow the crop to build an optimal root structure. It does require additional food during the entire cycle, however. Cork is not only good for the crop, it is also very eco-friendly. Mills believ..
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Brand: Plant Magic
Plant Magic Compressed coir bricks available in boxes of 24 Average weight is 650 grams per block; each block expands to approximately 8 litres when soaked in water...
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