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Lighting Equipment

Recreate The Conditions Of Natural Light With Maxibright Horizon, Maxibright Daylight & Propagation Lighting

In nature, the light emitted by the Sun not only allows plants to grow through photosynthesis but also to trigger a fruiting or blooming thanks to the lighting time, photoperiod. Without light, plants would decline rapidly (yellowing) and die.

For more information on Lighting Equipment check out our Product Summary page. Additionally, to speak to a Hytec team member please call 01142280024 or email us at

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Brand: Lumii
The LUMii HID Reflector Extension Lead is available in 1.5m and 5m lengths. Suitable for use with all LUMii and IEC reflectors. Please make sure that when you are using extension leads for HID, your ballast is built to ignite the lamp over long distances. PowerPlant and LUMii ballasts are able..
Ex Tax:£5.00
Brand: SunBlaster
IN STORE ONLY SORRY - TOO FRAGILE TO SHIP Spare/replacement blue spectrum T5 tube.  ..
Ex Tax:£5.75
IN STORE ONLY SORRY - TOO FRAGILE TO SHIPSpare/replacement Red/27k spectrum T5 tube...
Ex Tax:£5.83
Rope Ratchets Pack of 2
Rope Ratchet Light Fixture Hangers allow the easy hanging of your grow room equipment. Rope Ratchets pull tight, lock in place and will never break or slip. Ideal to hang:Grow Lights Carbon Filters Etc..
Ex Tax:£6.25
Brand: Lumii
The LUMii HID Reflector Extension Lead is available in 1.5m and 5m lengths. Suitable for use with all LUMii and IEC reflectors. Please make sure that when you are using extension leads for HID, your ballast is built to ignite the lamp over long distances. PowerPlant and LUMii ballasts are able..
Ex Tax:£6.66
H-distribution block, suitable for Q-series Gen2 and EVO-series.The H-distributor is required to connect several EVO-Series or Q-series luminaires in series and operate them from one socket...
Ex Tax:£9.99
E40 to 315w CMD Lamp Adapter
Do you love using your Maxibright DAYLIGHT 315 but miss using it with your favourite reflector? Well GOOD NEWS those days are over! You can now use any HID reflector with an E40 lamp holder with the DAYLIGHT 315 by using the handy E40 Adaptor! How does it work? Simply screw the E40 Adapt..
Ex Tax:£10.00
Brand: G.A.S
Strong easy to adjust rope ratchets.Great to mount your equipment in your grow room. Max load 135KG per pair...
Ex Tax:£10.00
Timer Maxiswitch Pro Solo Heavy Duty Contactor
This grow light timer is ideal for controlling the on/off cycle of one 250W to 600W lamp, perfect for use in a smaller grow tent for example where only one grow light is necessary. Giving your plants a proper cycle of light is very important to their development, at some points in your cycle they ..
Ex Tax:£10.41
Eazi Roll Light Hangers
Each easi roll light hanger is fitted with a tension device. This is useful as all reflector's are different in weight, so adjust the control accordingly so your reflector pulls down and pushes up easily. For very large heavy reflectors, for example our CFL 4 lamp reflectors, rather than using ..
Ex Tax:£10.79
Brand: Power plant
Powerplant lamps/bulbs are tailored to promote optimum development at each plant growth stage.Powerplant Metal Halide lamps provide the correct spectrum of light for plants to flourish in the vegetative period..
Ex Tax:£11.66
Brand: Maxibright
Maxibright 600w Dual Spectrum Lamp, Maxigrow's own brand 600w dual spectrum lamp is a high output yet low cost option, designed veg and bloom its good quality lamp at an affordable price...
Ex Tax:£12.46
Brand: Lumii
 LUMii Grow Room Lenses are specifically designed to allow you to view your crop in a more natural light as they reduce the glare from HID and CFL grow lamps. As well as protecting your eyes, they make identifying pests and disease problems easier, without having to turn off y..
Ex Tax:£12.49
Brand: Power plant
The PowerPlant Heat Shield cleverly redirects light and heat from the central 'hot spot' created beneath all horizontally mounted lamps towards growroom extremities. This enables your horizontal reflector to be placed much closer to plants to increase light levels and penetration whilst maintaini..
Ex Tax:£12.49
Brand: Power plant
Emitting a large amount of blue light required for the vegetative stage of the plants cycle. *The blue light is essential for improving the results from your plants' vegetative cycle, promoting lush, green growth. *EFFICIANCY- Powerplant lamps provide more power per watt than most other lamps. ..
Ex Tax:£14.99
The Cosmorrow® power supply units (PSU) will power the cosmorrow LED strips effortlessly and efficiently. The DC 2 5.5mm plug/s supply your LED with an IP65 connection. The new clip system is now easier to setup, stiffer, and keeps your LED firmly in place. Available in single 20..
Ex Tax:£15.00
Extension cable with angled socket – 1m. Suitable for EVO-Series and Q-Series gen2..
Ex Tax:£16.63
SANlight Power cord angled UKPower cord EVO-Series & Q-Series Gen2 angled/UK..
Ex Tax:£16.63
​This range of self ballasted compact fluorescent lighting offer growers the choice of low energy growing when heat or cost is a concern. The EnviroGro CFL units feature ultra high output compact fluorescent lamps and are powered by an integral power unit. The lamps can be easily inter..
Ex Tax:£16.66
This T-junction and control link cable component is used to link Lumatek Zeus LED fixtures together in series to be externally controlled with the Lumatek Control Panel Plus. The T-junction comprises three LLT M12 connectors, two male and one female. The male connector on the main stem connects to t..
Ex Tax:£16.66
Brand: OMEGA
Omega Lighting has designed and manufactured Omega Dual Spectrum Lamps with the grower specifically in mind. Omega Lighting's advanced lamp technology features two ceramic tubes which are designed specifically to optimise light output, achieving more usable light energy, providing longer-lasting per..
Ex Tax:£18.33
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