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Root Disease Control

Root systems play a crucial role in plant health, absorbing water and nutrients and starting the transportation of key elements around the plant.

Diseases can often occur in the root zone for an array of reasons, such as the area being relatively warm and moist with a feeding source as well as a potential entry point for disease.

A disease of the roots has the knock-on consequence of impeding the uptake of water and nutrients, leading to a variety of plant health issues.

As with any crop health issue, prevention is key and should be the first aspect a grower considers.

Products like Silver bullet roots,  Purolyt and Essentials OxyPluswill all help in preventing and get rid of root disease stopping it from ruining your crop.

Brand: Essentials
Essentials OxyPlus is a liquid additive that can be used in a hydroponic system to increase oxygen content and maintain system cleanliness or to sterilise soil. It can also be used as a preventative against pythium. Essentials OxyPlus is a must have product for all serious growers. ..
Ex Tax:£3.83
Brand: Canna
CANNAZYM is a high-quality enzyme product that speeds up the process of breaking down dead root material and activates beneficial micro-organisms. CANNAZYM also helps plants take up nutrients and increases the resistance against diseases. Enzymes are substances that speed up the reactions ..
Ex Tax:£6.66
The growth accelerator The rich blend of enzymes, co-enzymes and vitamins in Multi Zyme increases nutrient uptake and accelerates growth in 3 key ways. Thickens the cambium layer – the plant’s internal plumbing system. This boosts the immune system and creates more flowering sites. Dissolves o..
Ex Tax:£9.13
Brand: Vitalink
Stimulate root growth with VitaLink RootStim. This additive uses high quality seaweed extracts with natural bio-stimulant properties and hormones to encourage plant roots to grow long, strong and healthy.By using this product in the early stages of plant life, it helps to encourage rapid root g..
Ex Tax:£9.33
Never have blocked pipes or drippers again with House & Garden Drip Clean. - Removes dirt from the root structure- Keeps water butts/tanks clean - Helps pipes from being coming blocked by removing salts - Minerals in the product will give your plants a boost as wel..
Ex Tax:£10.00
Silver Bullet Mist is the perfect product for those who do not want to leave sterilisation and cleanliness to chance in their grow room. Silver Bullet Mist destroys 99.99% of grow room problems, such as grey mould (botrytis,'), powdery mildew, Pythium, Fusarium, Yellow and Brown leaf spot.Silver..
Ex Tax:£10.79
Brand: Canna
CANNA RHIZOTONIC is a powerful, algae based, vegetative stimulator for plant roots. It contains multiple vitamins and is 100% natural. RHIZOTONIC adds more than 60 microbiological substances that considerably speed up the growth of a balanced root environment.Benefits of CANNA RHIZOTONIC:..
Ex Tax:£10.79
The Connoisseur's Choice of Microbial SupplementGreat White is by far the most comprehensive mycorrhizal supplement in the 'Plant Success' range, with 7 species of ectomycorrhizal, 9 species of endomycorrhizal and 14 species of benefical bacteria. When combined, these microbials will colonise the ro..
Ex Tax:£10.79
Crazy Roots For Crazy FruitsIncrease Root Mass by up to 30%Works with Cuttings, Transplants, Seeds, Top Feed & Top Dress!Increase Nutrient Uptake & YieldImprove Resistance to StressPsycho Myco is a cutting-edge powder formula containing the most complete blend of mycorrhizal fungi, beneficia..
Ex Tax:£10.79
Eliminates deficiencies and revitalisesBioBav contains a mix of organic minerals, beneficial bacteria and important trace elements. Making it a superior plant upgrader and medium conditioner: Weak plants become strong and healthy again; Yellowed plants become beautiful, strong and green again; Hard ..
Ex Tax:£12.50
Bio Harvest Bio Stimulant
-20 %
Root growth ,a soluble bio-stimulant which contains Kelp, Humic/Amino acids and many other growth promoting substances.It will help to make the nutrients more available so the plants are able to up-take them faster and use them more efficiently.Bio-Stimulant can be used with any nutrient ran..
£19.99 £25.00
Ex Tax:£16.66
Brand: Plant Magic
This process consists of microbes utilising the ingredients as a food source and thus increases the bioavailability of nutrients by decomposing key components such as sugars and carbohydrates into readily available plant nutrients.Root Stimulant is manufactured using an innovative, carefully control..
Ex Tax:£18.29
Brand: Dutch Pro
Dutch Pro Take Root is an amazing root stimulant, guaranteed to drastically improve not only your root zone but the overall health of your plants! Take Root is a growth stimulant designed to improve both the inner and the outer qualities of your plants, right from the first roots through to flowerin..
Ex Tax:£19.54
Silver Bullet Roots helps suppress and prevent Pythium but is also a highly effective against bactericide, virucide, sporicide, fungicide, algaecide and amoebicide. It delivers unparalleled stability in tanks for up to 5 weeks and contributes to healthy white roots. It is non-toxic and non-corrosive..
Ex Tax:£20.79
Fish Sh!t Organic Soil ConditionerFish Sh!t is derived from feeding tilapia a proprietary mix of feed that when digested lends itself nicely to bacteria and microorganism production/growth under proper conditions. Fish Sh!t is the first of its kind ecosystem in a bottle. By introducing a wide variet..
Ex Tax:£33.29
Hygiene for greenhouse and agricultural applicationsPurolyt was developed specifically in order to help gardeners keeping their greenhouses, plants, propagators, inert substrates and gardening tools as well as hydroponic systems and nutrient solutions free from undesirable microorganisms and bi..
Ex Tax:£33.33
Puts your plants on high alert against the first signs of diseaseThe proactive Self Defence Methodology...Acts as a vaccine, putting your plants on high alert against the first signs of disease. Contributing to the meristematic activity within your plants at a very high level. Proactive Self..
Ex Tax:£39.96
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