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The success of indoor cultivation in a house or apartment is based upon a simple principle: reproducing the conditions of the outdoors indoors. The benefit of using propagation tents and propagation lighting as part of hydroponics is that the cultivator has precise control of the parameters needed for a plant to develop, reproduce, fruit and flower; without the need for major construction and the threat of external influences (such as weather and pests).

All of the propagation tents & propagation lighting available from Hytec Hydroponics have been tried, tested and are trusted by hydroponic experts. Our propagation tents are covered in strong and durable canvas, so as to be completely hermetic to outside climatic conditions. The interior of the tent is lined with highly reflective material, usually Mylar, but it can also be aluminium or the highly reflective white Orca covering.

Hytec supply a vast range of styles and sizes from many suppliers to meet most needs from stock! You will find below, a selection of the best grow tents on the market - including BudBox, Gorilla, Trojan and Secret Jardin.

For more information on Propagation Systems check out our Product Summary page. Additionally, to speak to a Hytec team member please call 01142280024 or email us at

To view our range of Propagation Tents and Propagation Lighting, click on the sub-categories below.

This plastic thermometer contains no mercury and measures temperatures in both ˚C and ˚F. It is deal for monitoring the temperature levels in your grow room...
Ex Tax:£2.83
Increases humidity around cuttings while they develop rootsAllows you to put fresh cuttings straight into your plant potsAdjustable breather vent lets you control the level of humidity A large Humidity Dome that fits over the top of Plant Pots, for helping to nurture young plant..
Ex Tax:£3.33
Brand: ROOT!T
Ideal for use on soft and semi-hardwood material, ROOT!T Cutting Mist helps to prevent losses in the critical first few days when they are at their most susceptible. This handy spray contains an essential vitamin and mineral blend and also helps prevent dehydration in your cuttings.It can be used to..
Ex Tax:£4.16
Brand: ROOT!T
ROOT!T Gel4Plugs Rooting Gel is the first rooting gel specifically formulated for use with growing media. ROOT!T Gel4Plugs Rooting Gel will root in 3-4 days, with no visible wilt, more root development and happy stress free clones from day one! This fantastic product comes in a gel that stays fi..
Ex Tax:£4.16
Brand: Plant Magic
The Evolution complex from Plant Magic combines bio stimulants, plant hormones, sugars, vitamins and acids to increase vegetative growth and encourage new shoots. This in turn has benefits including improved photosynthesis leading to rapid vertical growth, Healthier plants and more fruit for bi..
Ex Tax:£4.16
Brand: Vitalink
Use Plant Start and Give Your Cuttings and Seedlings the Best Start PossiblePlant Start nurtures young plants through their earliest and most vulnerable stages, delivering all of the nutrients that they require for optimal growth. It's a quick and effective way to ensure that young plants get th..
Ex Tax:£4.96
Brand: ROOT!T
This refill pack contains 24 ROOT!T Natural Rooting Sponges in an insert and tray, ready for use in your propagator. Keep everything tidy and in order by just seeding up and using this tray in your propagator. The ridged base of the tray allows water to drain away and allowing the sponges to retain ..
Ex Tax:£5.42
APPLICATION 4 ML/L USE DURING ROOTING/PROPAGATION STAGESROOTING / PROPAGATION USE TO ESTABLISH STRONG ROOT SYSTEMSSHOGUN START is a delicate nutrient formulated to maximise plant establishment and root development. Containing balanced micro and macro nutrients alongside the SmartZen maximi..
Ex Tax:£6.21
Brand: ROOT!T
A controlled consistent environment is a crucial factor for success when it comes to cuttings and early seedling growth. Grow your own plants from seeds and cuttings with this simple and easy to use propagator. It has adjustable vents for control of humidity and temperature, A crystal cle..
Ex Tax:£6.25
A controlled consitent environment is a crucial factor for success when it comes to cuttings and early seedling growth. Grow your own plants from seeds and cuttings with this simple and easy to use propagator. It has adjustable vents for control of humidity and temperature, A crystal clear lid..
Ex Tax:£6.67
Weather Station Clock Thermometer
-20 %
A clever and easy to use weather station clock featuring weather forecast, humidity, temperature, 24 hour temperature profile, clock, alarm, day and blue backlight. The product includes 2 x AA batteries and can be either wall or desk mounted. Weather Forecast Humi..
£9.95 £12.50
Ex Tax:£8.29
The ultimate rooting compound – used by professionals and amateurs the world over. CLONEX is a bright, translucent gel. It is a high performance formulation of hormones, vitamins and mineral nutrients.CLONEX is a high performance rooting compound. It is a tenacious gel which will remain in conta..
Ex Tax:£8.33
Biosys, from EcoThrive, contains a unique blend of microbes and natural plant growth stimulants.Extremely simple to use, Biosys mixes quickly and gets to work just as quick - nothing immediately improves the health of your root zone quite like Biosys.Breathe new life into your plants with Bi..
Ex Tax:£9.13
Brand: Eazy Plug
Eazy Plug: 100% success rateThe starter plugs of Eazy Plug have, with its organic materials and our special way of bonding, a predetermined pH and EC value and a fixed air-to-water ratio. The Eazy Plug is very easy to use. Just make sure that the plug always can drain the excess water and you cannot..
Ex Tax:£9.75
Ideal for seed or cutting propagation, the SBS (Single Block System) are supplied in their own handy plastic tray for easy handling. Once young plants are rootbound they can be transplanted to a larger cube or pot of growing medium. Available in two sizes 1” (25/150) and 1.5” (36/77)..
Ex Tax:£10.00
Is a commercial strength rooting hormone powder which is used to substantially enhance the rooting process of plant cuttings. Using Root-X will give you super fast rooting time with a very high strike rate producing young plants with healthy root syst..
Ex Tax:£10.00
Brand: ROOT!T
Maximise your success rate and grow faster, more vigorous roots with ROOT!T Rooting Sponges – the latest innovation in propagation. Not only are they simple to use and easy to pot on. This bag of 50 sponges can be used to refill trays or used on there own on a bed of perlite or
Ex Tax:£10.00
A thermometer which displays both indoor and outdoor temperature as well as indoor humidityThis thermometer automatically changes temperature display every five seconds to show the indoor and outdoor temperatures as well as indoor humidity. It can display in both °C and °F and has a memory of MI..
Ex Tax:£10.42
Brand: Plant Magic
Every grower ought to have Evolution 2.0 on stand-by. It revives stressed plants, speeds-up vegetative growth and increases the growth of new shoots. *TOP SELLER*The emergency tonic that gives life to your plants!Evolution 2.0 now contains an improved wetting agent, allowing you to spray with the li..
Ex Tax:£10.42
Canna Rhizotonic
Brand: Canna
CANNA RHIZOTONIC is a powerful, algae based, vegetative stimulator for plant roots. It contains multiple vitamins and is 100% natural. RHIZOTONIC adds more than 60 microbiological substances that considerably speed up the growth of a balanced root environment.Benefits of CANNA RHIZOTONIC:..
Ex Tax:£10.79
Scalpel Box of 10
High-carbon steel blade ensures precision cut, and plastic graduated handle is economical and light-weight. Sterilized by gamma radiation. Individually foil wrapped and protected by a plastic sheath, to prevent accidental punctures. 10 pcs / box...
Ex Tax:£11.63
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