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Athena - The Perfect Run

Athena - The Perfect Run

Craig Page |

Athena - The Perfect Run

Athena’s core purpose is to support growers of all scales to consistently grow the best quality produce they can while at the same time reducing costs. Founded in L.A. California, the guys at Athena are constantly striving to achieve the ‘perfect run’ in the simplest way possible.

All Athena nutrients are sediment free and compatible with all of the major dosing systems on the market. The thin and clean nature of these nutrients ensures that salt build up and organic blockages don’t occur, leaving irrigation equipment pristine at all times! Growers used to dealing with build-ups of limescale or brown slime will be astonished at how clean their entire system will stay throughout their grow.

Pro Line

athena blog pro grow core bloom

The Athena Pro line is an easy-to-use range of highly concentrated, soluble powdered nutrients that consist of just a few interchangeable products that are included or excluded at various growth stages and applied at the same EC strength throughout. You’ll have just three powdered products to use throughout the cycle: Core, Grow and Bloom as well as a liquid concentrate known as Cleanse. Core and Cleanse are used from start to finish (except for the final 2 weeks when Core is swapped with Fade), while Grow or Bloom is included alongside depending on growth stage. It really is as simple as that!

athena blog pro feed schedule chart

Due to the highly concentrated nature of this product in its raw form, accurate weighing scales are crucially important to ensure precise measurements and it is advised to make a stock concentrate mix first instead of mixing powders directly into the feed tank.

While this line is especially catered to professional growers, the straightforward nature of Athena products combined with the easy-to-follow grow guide make this range accessible to all experience and ability levels. If you'd like to give this product a try, we offer a starter bundle at a great price that includes all the products you'll need.

Blended Line

athena blog blended line bloom pk

The Athena Blended range follows the same principle of simplicity as the Pro range but in liquid form and with some variation. Apart from Cleanse mentioned before which is used throughout, the Blended range consists of just Grow and Bloom A&B, as well as PK and CaMag. The ready-to-use liquid form of the Blended line makes consistency easy to achieve while also mixing quickly and easily. Unlike the Pro line, the Blended line will vary in EC strength from week to week, in line with what most growers expect and are used to with their existing liquid fertiliser regimen.

athena blog blended feed schedule chart

With thousands of growers across the globe from hobbyists to large commercial facilities trusting the Athena program and getting fantastic results (just check out their huge social media following!), why not give Athena a go today and revolutionise your grow?