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Shining a Light on The Photobio Quantum Meter

Shining a Light on The Photobio Quantum Meter

Craig Page |

Phantom Photobio PPFD PAR Meter - A High Quality Quantum Light Sensor at a Budget Price

If you’re trying to get the absolute best out of your grow - in terms of both yield and quality – then a Quantum PAR meter is a crucial piece of kit. Being able to give your plants the exact amount of light they need at each stage is critical to ensuring effective photosynthesis and healthy, vigorous growth which, in turn, will maximise the productive potential of your plants.

With the widespread adoption of LED technology, the ability to provide huge amounts of light to plants while also being able to precisely dim grow lights is now commonplace in indoor horticulture. However, because LED grow lights are so powerful, it’s easy for growers to oversaturate canopies with excess light, stress plants and stunt growth. This combination of power and adjustability often leaves growers scratching their heads and wondering “how do I know what power setting I should be using, and what distance should my light be from my plants?”. Those with multiple light fixtures in larger grow areas will also have the added conundrum of knowing how far apart to space their lights.

Unless you’re very experienced with a particular grow light or there is specific independent guidance out there (check out our blog on LED power settings and hanging heights), then the answer to these crucial questions will remain unknown and will often require an element of trial and error over several grows to get the balance right.

This is where a Quantum PAR sensor shines; however, until recently, the cost of acquiring one has been prohibitive, often starting at around £600. That’s all changed with the Phantom Photobio Advanced Quantum Light Sensor – a high quality, precise and reliable PAR meter that doesn’t break the bank.


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The Phantom Photobio Advanced PAR Meter provides accurate measurement of any light source used in horticultural applications. Allowing you to monitor the light across your grow room and adjust your light sources to ensure each plant receives the optimum amount of light. The Meter measures PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation within 400-700nm wavelengths) withing a range of 0 to 3999 mmol/m2/s and comes in a handy protective carry case for secure transportation and storage.

If you’d like to see the Photobio Advanced Quantum PAR Meter in action and discuss proper application of this device, why not pop into our Sheffield store and speak to one of our lighting experts? We’ve got a range of functional HPS and LED grow lights on display and can show you how to effectively use your Quantum Sensor alongside your light sources to get the absolute best out of your crop.